The healing lake of Ebayta

Lake Ebeyta is remarkable for its extraordinary beauty.But in addition, it belongs to the largest salt lakes in the Omsk region. He also has a number of other advantages that will be considered in this article.

Characteristics of the lake

Not far from the village of Ksenyevka is locatedthe drainage lake of Ebeyta (Omsk region). Photo of the picturesque enchanting pond is shown below. In form it is a little oblong and stretches for 12 km in the meridian direction. Its width is about 9 km. In this case, the depth of the lake is not large - it used to be 3 meters, now an average of one and a half meters of depth. There are no economic or residential buildings on the bank of Ebeyta.

Lake Ebeyta

The bottom of the pool is silt, 6 meters thick with a lot of mineral salts. The water is bitter-salty.

At the moment, Lake Ebeyta is a natural monument. The reservoir basin is at the intersection of forest and forest-steppe zones.

Composition of water

The reservoir is characterized by mineralized water.Its water has an increased alkalinity and belongs to the chloride-sulfate type. Here, chlorine, magnesium, sodium, bromine, boron, calcium, hydrogen carbonates and sulfates are present in large amounts. Also in the composition there is a lot of table salt (halite). Even in severe frosts, the lake is not dragged out by ice.

The mud of the lake

Near the shore the bottom is sandy, but moving farther from the land, the layer grows smaller. Under the sand there is mud, and closer to the center of the reservoir, instead of sandy coating begins salt.

Лечебная грязь имеет насыщенный сине-черный цвет, it is plastic and heavy. Has a smell of hydrogen sulfide, without impurities, which lower the balneological characteristics. It is these indicators that distinguish Lake Ebeyta (Omsk Region) from other reservoirs. You can see a photo of the dirt below.

Lake Ebeyta Omsk Region Photo

Scientists have conducted research and found that the local mud on the healing characteristics surpasses the mud that are found in the famous resorts of Sochi and Yeisk.

Treatment with mud

Lake Ebeyta saturates its mud with microelements that can help with radiculitis, fractures, sinusitis, urological diseases, inflammation of the maxillofacial tissues.

Dirt, extracted from the lake, is actively used in health resorts of Omsk.

Nearby natural sites

In the neighborhood of Ebeyta is the Amrinsky gully.This forest-covered terrain is artificially turned into a fresh water body. Residents of the regional center and surrounding villages like to relax in this area. Here you can plunge into the refreshing water on a hot day, catch fish, stroll through the forest in search of berries or mushrooms.

This girder is also a monument of nature.Here there are many plants that are listed in the Red Book of Irtysh. This is fodder, medicinal, honey, vitamin species. This includes valerian officinalis, forest windswept, small hazel grouse, lily curly and other herbs.

Prohibited and Authorized Actions

Since Lake Ebeyta is a naturalmonument, on its territory there are certain rules. It is forbidden to travel citizens on their own cars. Only the Ministry's employees and security guards have access. It is also unacceptable to cut down or break bushes and trees.

lake ebeyty pictures

On the territory it is allowed to organizetourist parking and tent camps, but only in special places. Guests of the reserve can swim in the lake, be smeared with dirt, but do not use these resources for commercial purposes.

How to get to the lake

Practically every day you can seetourist delegations arriving at Lake Ebeyta. How to get to this place on your own? You need to get to the village of Ksenyevka, beyond which there is a pond. To do this, you need to keep the route from Omsk to Isilkul. Having reached the turn to Hofnungstal, it is necessary to turn in his direction and drive another 40 km to the village.

Lake Ebayta how to get there

You can also go for 4 hours by bus from Omsk to Gvozdevka, beyond which is Lake Ebeyta. This bus rides on this flight once a day.

Industrial use

Lake Ebeyta (photo of the pond is shown on thispage) is a large deposit of mineral salt in the Omsk region. For more than 10 years, industrial fishing has been carried out here. Here, brine (salt solution) and mud are obtained, which are widely used in medicine. Also, the cyst is produced by the crayfish, which lives in this pond.