Cerruti 1881 - production of high quality

The famous company called Cerruti 1881consists of several divisions that produce a variety of products. Since its foundation, the company is focused on the production of goods for both men and women.

Wrist Watch

In addition to the legendary fragrance, enjoyCerruti 1881 watches are also famous. The famous couturier of that time named Nino Cherruti started production. In 1881, in the northern part of Italy, Nino, together with his brothers, founded a small manufactory. Their very first idea was to tailor men's clothing in a unique style and original cut.

watch Cerruti 1881

In the 70s of the last century, the brand itself becamePopular in all countries of Europe. It was at this time that production flourished, new lines of elegant accessories appeared. Here began the assembly of high-quality models of women's and men's watches and the compilation of soft fragrances.

Сейчас все выпускаемые часы доступны для широких masses, but at the same time necessarily preserve grace in conjunction with aristocracy. As you know, these features are inherent in mainly extremely high-tech and expensive things.

В мире часов этот бренд занимает ведущее место и to this day. The main differences between the models are as follows: an exclusive design, high-quality materials, necessarily passing several levels of control before and after assembly.

Male models are created with shells,made from top quality steel. This is the famous 316L steel. A cute women's watch decorates the lady's hand not only with elegant forms, but also with the presence of precious stones, more precisely, miniature diamonds. Exact Swiss movements are installed on both men's and women's wristwatches.

Perfume composition

Day floral aroma called Cerruti1881 won not only the hearts of the representatives of the fair sex of all different ages. The perfect smell has won a lot of fans and presents itself from the most advantageous side.

Perfume Cerruti 1881

The composition of several levels contains elegant notes. They can be seen in the table:

Top soft notesMimosa, Bergamot, Rose, Violet, Lily of the Valley
Heart notesChamomile, orange, geranium, jasmine, iris
Base notesVanilla, sandalwood, wood, cedar, amber

general information

Perfume Cerruti 1881 began to amaze women with1995 Despite significant differences from the rest of the flavors, this recently began to be considered exclusively a classic, although at the very beginning it made a real sensation. To date, the popularity has not been lost, but still these are not the leader’s laurels that women were rightly awarded with perfume in the early years of graduation.

His main mystery lies in the impossibilitydescribe the exact flavor. Cerruti 1881 does not contain excessive sweetness, freshness or spice. Therefore, the majority of girls fell in love with him precisely for such inexpressibility. Thanks to a memorable style, these perfumes give their owners both charm and sophistication.

First sensations

The legendary aroma of Cerruti 1881 is not always clearfor beginners, and when first used, you can feel slightly different notes that make up. But nevertheless the mimosa, combined with some admixture of a rose or a lily of the valley, becomes the earliest exciting smell. A little less noticeable will be violet and jasmine. In the end, the original freshness slips, followed by orange flowers, some notes of narcissus, coriander and geranium. Thanks to this combination, the whole flavor becomes a little sweeter.

Cerruti 1881

Cerruti 1881 at any time of the year is able to givehis mistress spring, delighting the scent of flowers. Basic disclosure, like the rest, is quite unusual for the first time, and for all subsequent ones as well. Vanilla, musk, cedar and sandalwood create a pleasant spicy cloud that suddenly reminds of romantic twilight and makes you think only of the good.

The coolness of the street helps to uncover this.more flavor. All the beauty, richness and richness of the perfume are best manifested during this period. As in the morning and in the evening time, the smell always remains soft and soft. But it is best revealed in spring or autumn, although other times of the year will not interfere with it.

With an increase in the level of air humidity, the aroma manifests itself most clearly. After all, many extracts of flowers that are part of, are revealed most fully in this atmosphere.

Cerruti 1881: pen

Also in the collection Cerruti 1881 entered balla pen. It would seem the most simple typewriter, which does not have any additional features or special advantages. But most people are deeply mistaken, thinking so.

Помимо шариковых, производитель также выпускает в sale of fountain pens. They are more luxurious and interesting for buyers, because such writing tools are an essential attribute of business people signing contracts and agreements with ink.

Cerruti 1881 pen

Each of the pens has its own characteristics, which are expressed in the famous Italian chic and French elegance. These components determine the characteristic style of the company.

In the pens there are small leather inserts, thanks to which the writing cylinder fits into the hand like a glove and presents the whole world with real sophistication. Body material - metal.

Bag Cerruti 1881

Versatile male and female bags of the sameManufacturers have earned popularity due to sophistication and status. People from different countries are proud of such acquisitions and dream of getting at least one more model in their own collection.

bag Cerruti 1881

Like any other accessory included in the product range, bags are made exclusively from the highest quality materials. And elegant design additions adorn the product even more.

For business office workers, it can becompanion in life. In the assortment there are handbags over the shoulder, exclusive clutches, handbags and so on. The main feature and distinctive feature of the company is the presence of a convenient universal handle designed to carry a bag in your hands or on your shoulder.