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When choosing a gift for a status person, theypop up in memory as the first option. Of course, not everyone can afford such a thing, and the original must be able to distinguish from forgery. What is this? Swiss watches become the talk of the town! Qualitative, stylish, insanely expensive, but simply luxurious. There is even a rating of Swiss watch brands, and the most popular models a simple philistine can contemplate on the hands of the powerful of this world.

rating of Swiss watch brands

When there is no need for advertising

Do you know a lot of things that advertising inprinciple is not needed? Hardly, because fashion - a girlfriend is changeable, and she rarely focuses on any prerequisites. But the best Swiss watches are not subject to fashion. Thanks to first-class quality and original design, they have firmly established themselves in a group of masterpieces over which the proven industry giants and promising family ateliers work in a remote alpine country.

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Original Swiss watches can be compared withexclusive cars that are made to order. Each copy of the chronometer is an absolute work of art. Therefore, the rating of Swiss watch brands is relevant without comparison of the models themselves, but only on the basis of logos.

Switzerland Business Card

Agree, in most cases, the originalSwitzerland on your wrist does not need a description. This is a kind of style, status and respect from others. If a person can afford the original Swiss watch, then he has reached a certain level in life. He can claim respect, value and subtlety of production, and exceptional quality. And if he correctly assessed the situation and among the many brands he chose the best, Swiss, watch in this case - this is also an indicator of taste. For many centuries, the masters of Switzerland conquered the world with their watches, which became the benchmark of accuracy and quality. Across the country, there will be no less than a thousand firms with their own production. Of course, the competition is simply unimaginable, so only those who are not relaxing for a minute can break out to the position of leader. And because the rating of Swiss watch brands can not be compiled, based on any specific criteria, the best can be done at once, if you ensure an appropriate level of production. But if on a pedestal of honor there can be young firms, the giants of the industry still have a long history starting in the middle of the seventeenth century.

How was it all ...

In the distant times of religious wars, which,Incidentally, they are shaking Europe, and today, the mass migration of Huguenots began. Among them were many talented individuals who perfected their watchmaking to perfection.

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The historical rating was gradually formed.Swiss watch brands. As a criterion, we can take production trends, demand, prices and complexity of mechanisms. Therefore, there is no single rating, and around each brand is going to a whole bunch of individual myths, supported by personal preferences of customers. There is already a stereotype of its own kind, according to which the best Swiss brand is the Omega watch, which at a price comparable to Tissot, but have more fans. Manufacturers rationally approach the compilation of popularity ratings, giving the pedestal to their own products. Of course, the real state of affairs does not reflect such a rating of Swiss watch brands. Unconditional leadership of the old manufacturers will not be true either, since today there is an abundance of popular "young" models, such as, say, Maurice Lacroix watches.

Status gift

What is the image of a strong and powerfulman? The stereotype is the official trouser suit, ironed tie and delicate aroma of elite perfume. But not only clothing, but also status accessories, such as a leather briefcase, gold cufflinks, a pin for a tie and a watch, make such a person. The first thing in the media began to mention the brand Breguet watches. And for prestige, there are no competitors for the Rolex and Cartier brands. But, alas, the option of a gift of such a brand seems somewhat utopian, since a rare person nowadays can find in his budget a sufficient amount for such a purchase. In fact, such a gift is a work of art that obliges to conform.

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Brand Value Rating

In this calculation, it is necessary to take into account various factors.After all, not only sales and retail prices are important, but also the specific assessment to which Swiss watches are exposed by specialists. The price, of course, will bite in any case, but it justifies itself, since it is determined by half the functions and the materials used, and half by the name of the manufacturer. Expensive Swiss watches - men's toys, a kind of fetish, some names here give joy and sound music. Well-off people choose Rado, Longines, Breitling, Martin Braun, Rodolphe, Tag Heuer, Breitling, Ebel, Maurice Lacroix, Raymond Weil, Perrelet. Of course, you can’t call democratic brands Saint Honore, Louis Erard, Roamer, Michel Herbelin, Frederique Constant, Tissot, but they are less expensive to buy.

Honorable first place

And the undisputed leader here and not, exceptYou can mention the leadership positions on certain criteria. It all depends on what goal the potential owner of the watch pursues. If, when buying, the emphasis is on high quality, then the Patek Philippe Geneva Watch House is rightfully the leader. The products of this House are distinguished by unprecedented accuracy and reliability of work. The company keeps the brand and all the details - from bolts to clockwork mechanisms - it does on its own. It is, rather, a Swiss men's watch, as they do not take the grace of the mechanism, but they attract it with stability. Among the fans of the brand are Vladimir Putin, Andy Warhol and even Leo Tolstoy. Moreover, the lovers of quality do not stop even the fact that the price for such a Swiss watch is off the scale for 20 thousand dollars.

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But the most expensive watch brand is Rolex.In Swiss francs, the brand value exceeds 5,074. The brand began its history back in 1908. For the watch industry, this is not a long period, however, during this time, the brand was able to occupy a worthy place. Rolex chronometers prefer public figures seeking to emphasize social status. For example, among the fans of the company - singer Rihanna, Bruce Willis and Nicolas Cage. But evidence that Rolex watches are loved by people with taste will be the choice in their favor of Carlos Slim, who is the richest person on Earth. Well, a very solid accessory, because Rolex is a Swiss watch, the price of which starts from 10 thousand dollars.

Three leaders

Who else can be attributed to the most popularbrands? A lot of fans have a Swiss watch brand Omega. Attracts the fact that the brand is positioning itself as giving priority to quality rather than the use of precious metals. But the popular Swiss brand, the women's watch issuer is Vacheron Constantin. His works are distinguished by elegance and sophisticated style. The company was founded back in 1755. Such a long history is explained by the accuracy of the Swiss mechanism, coupled with an exclusive design. The brand uses gems, colored gold and platinum in the decoration of its chronometers, so it is not surprising that this Swiss watch brand sets a price range in the region of 60 thousand euros per copy.

Fresh blood

The rating would not be complete if we forgot aboutyoung but promising companies. If they are not mentioned, it may seem that "hazing" reigns in the watchmaking field, and therefore the young people are undeservedly overlooked. So, one of the iconic representatives of Switzerland - the company Hublot. The company appeared in 1980 in Neon thanks to the efforts of entrepreneur Carlo Crocco, but remained in the shadows until 2004, when it was bought by Jean-Claude Biver, who literally breathed new life into production. For a short time, the brand became recognizable and acquired a circle of admirers. What caused such popularity? Innovative approach and bold decisions regarding the combined in the production of materials. The company combines gold and rubber, tantalum and rose gold, a magnet and titanium. H

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men's watches futuristic design swissattracted the attention of a whole crowd of fans to stand out. Such eclectic combinations are preferred by well-known politicians, actors, sportsmen. Among the fans of the brand, the legendary Diego Maradona and the English coach Sir Alex Ferguson were noted. The Swiss watch brand Hublot is not cheap, the budget model is estimated at 23 thousand dollars. This is a prime example of how a brand remains independent of the size of the company and price offers. For the rating, the main thing is the style of communication and proper work with clients. If the client wants to stand out, then you need to give him that opportunity.

Jewelery Rating Positions

Rating of Swiss watch brands by itselfpresupposes the presence of expensive brands in it, the acquisition of which is not affordable for ordinary people in the street. But in recent years, watches gradually lose their relevance in the role of the chronometer itself. Now it is not just a useful accessory, but also a true piece of jewelry, with which we are not ashamed to come out. Watches are the pride of the owner, so their beauty is now paramount. From this point of view, the unsurpassed leader will be the Swiss company Rolex, which is loved by prominent men of the world. But lovely ladies prefer Chopard watch house, famous for the release of models with ultra-precise calibration and attractive design. This brand is undeniably Swiss in quality. Women's watches of this brand are preferred by Salma Hayek and Sharon Stone. A very valuable jewelry toy, because on average, the price of Chopard watches is 35 thousand dollars.

Sports criterion

Но ведь вещи класса люкс ценят не только светские lionesses and powerful businessmen. Many lovers of Swiss quality prefer the sporty style offered by the IWC or La Watch watch brand. These watches loved Winston Churchill and many famous politicians. The average price for such a watch is 26 thousand dollars.

But the Swiss brand Blancpain remains among the most popular for more than three centuries.

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Maybe this explains the incredibly high price.50 thousand dollars for a copy? Although it is difficult to challenge the value of these luxury watches, combining the traditions of the past with the developments of modern times. Such a work of art can be produced only in limited editions.

Democracy in practice

Is among the highest Swiss watchesquality there is no brand that would care about the middle class? How to say. For example, in the watch capital of Switzerland, which is considered to be the town of Le Locle in the mountainous province of Jura, in 1853 the company appeared, producing the Swiss watch Tissot. The main goal of the masters of the company is to preserve traditions, but at the same time to amaze, it has found its fans in more than 150 countries. For 157 years, the brand takes its place of honor in the rating of watch brands, producing more and more functional models. But the main charm of the brand lies in its relative availability. The symbiosis of brand qualities allows for many years to remain a partner of NASCAR, FIBA, AFL, CBA, Grand Prix in motor sport and the world championships in cycling, fencing and hockey. Agree, such cooperation is only for the benefit of the developing brand!