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In any business there are logos and otherattributes for which a company becomes recognizable to most of its customers. In addition to official distinctive signs, a so-called business card operates in a narrow circle of partners and business people. This is a great tool that allows not only to exchange contact information with the right people and establish new connections, but also to enlist the support of investors. What is this small piece of cardboard or plastic? How important is it in business? And how can it be created?

business card is

Business card, as it is

Business card is one of the most commoncarriers of contact information about a particular person or company. Most often it is a cardboard, paper or plastic card, usually a regular rectangular shape. Sometimes you can find CD-cards. They are made on a small disk of 50 x 90 mm. Less commonly used cards created by an exclusive design of wood or metal.

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What information is indicated on the business card?

If you pay attention to the followingsamples of business cards, it is possible to tell with accuracy, what information on them, as a rule, are specified. So, these cards usually have the name, surname and patronymic of the contact person or the full name of the company. For example: Ivanov Stepan Sergeevich and OOO Smet-Form. At the same time, if the carrier informs about a particular person, then the post must be specified under his name. In the case of the name of the business card, a business card can be supplemented with a colorful logo and a clarifying name. For example, "Svit-Scrap" is the Moscow chocolate factory.

Sometimes on business cards the slogan of the company is underlinedor a quote with which the name of an enterprise is associated. For example, "We make your life more delicious", etc. The address of an individual or legal entity is written in a smaller font. It includes the following data:

  • the name of the actual location (city, street, avenue);
  • house or building number, apartment;
  • telephone and fax;
  • the address of the official site;
  • Email;
  • business hours.

As you can see, the business card is a kind of brief reference about the company or any contact person.

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What associations does the business card cause?

This word is due to its origin.French visite, which translates as “visit” or “visit”. It is noteworthy that the word has a slightly different interpretation. So, a business card previously called a small men's handbag with handles. This name was associated with single-breasted coat with diverging and rounded floors. It was these clothes that, as a rule, men put on during any important morning activities.

Interestingly, the meaning of the word "card" isboth direct and portable. The latter is particularly interesting. If they say "a business card of someone or something," it means that the person or object has something that makes it stand out among others. For example, the company "Slavia" (the manufacturer of sweets and sweets) is the first-class porous chocolate that they use to create their famous dessert.


Business cards are conditionally divided into three following types:

  • personal or family;
  • business;
  • corporate.

Therefore, before creating such acard, you need to decide on its variety. So, personal instances are most often used for the purpose of unobtrusive acquaintance with a potential partner during informal communication. For example, such a technique is often used by distributors of Avon and Oriflame products, as well as people who work, as they say, themselves. Therefore, you can print such a medium in any style, including the individual design of the customer. It is noteworthy that such cards indicate the address, telephone number, first name and surname, rarely the patronymic of the business card holder. At the same time, the post does not always fit.

Corporate business cards

Often you can hear that a business card is a personcompany. In principle, to some extent it is so. Therefore, on corporate cards, many firms prefer to specify only the most necessary data that their partners and potential customers need to know. So, they do not have any specific initials of the contact person. There is only the name of the company, a brief information about it (name of activity, services or goods provided), contacts with the map of travel, address. Most often corporate business cards are made in the traditional style and colors of the customer company. They are used during a variety of exhibitions, conventions, trainings or conferences.

What is a business card?

This type of card is most often used ina circle of entrepreneurs and businessmen who are often in business negotiations and thematic events. Entrepreneurs are trying to create a business card of such a plan long before the date of a specific event. For example, these cards will be relevant during auction sales, where the topic of selling shares of one company to another is raised.

Business cards usually indicatethe most complete information about the entrepreneur, the name of his position and the company he represents. When choosing a design and font cards preference is given to strict classics. In addition to the company logo, they can also be applied the coat of arms or flags of the country where the company is located. A vivid example of this is the business cards of deputies.

On such media must necessarilypresent the address and contacts of a particular person. The exception is, perhaps, the data of some diplomatic persons. In addition, among these business cards you can find double-sided copies. And on one side the Russian text will be printed, and on the other - information in a foreign language is indicated. For example, in English.

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What types of business cards are there?

So, what is a business card, why is it needed andwhat types are divided, you already know. It remains only to say what types it is. In particular, the cards can be vertical (50 x 90 mm), horizontal class "standard" (90 x 50 mm) and horizontal eurostyle (85 x 55 mm). When choosing between all these types, give preference to those that are most suitable for you or the company.

What forms of business cards are found?

Wanting to attract additional customer attention,Many companies or individuals order special samples of business cards. In particular, they choose non-standard card forms. For example, it can be carriers with a cut off one corner. Also, the ends of the business card can be slightly bevelled or rounded. In addition, the shape of the line of the edge of a card is sometimes cut off in a zigzag or decorated with peculiar waves. But how to get this or that business card?

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How to make a business card?

You can create a card either yourself, butfor this you will need special programs, or contact companies offering similar services. If everything is clear with the capabilities of business card companies, then what about the applications for creating them? As an example, you can choose a free editor "business card" online. With this program, anyone, even without special skills, can create a simple card. To do this, you must first select a suitable template, fill in the corresponding empty fields, select a font, save and print if necessary. In this case, the image file itself will be created in PDF-format, which greatly simplifies the final work. Therefore, many believe that this is the best program for creating business cards.

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Another editor is the "Master Business Card".It provides over 150 different media templates. It is also possible to create your own layout for future business cards. Unlike the previous editor, this program has an introductory free (valid only 10 days) and a more advanced paid version. It is completely Russified and suitable for Windows.

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Editors Reviews

Выбор программ и редакторов для самостоятельного creating business cards is so huge that it is sometimes better to study a few reviews before giving preference to one or another type of software. For example, the choice of some users fell on the online printing service. This editor not only allows you to select the layout of a future business card from a ready-made template, but also makes it possible to create a new one. At the same time, you can take original pictures from photo stocks for the basis, to which the program automatically connects (if you have a paid subscription). Other users like editor. According to them, the site of the program is under development, so the software version in this case is still free. With it, you can create a business card, save and print.