How to become a specialist in contextual advertising?

Recently, data on the volume ofmarket of Internet advertising in Russia. So, in 2017 the record was broken: small, medium and large business left in RuNet about 75 billion rubles to attract customers and promote their own brands. This is a huge amount, which grows from year to year.

The volume of advertising on the Internet exceedstelevision, radio and print advertising. And this is not surprising: the advantages of targeted or contextual advertising in search engines or social networks are obvious. There is no need to pay millions of rubles per second on federal channels: in many niches, a client from the Internet manages thousands of times cheaper. Owners of small and medium-sized businesses understand this and increase their advertising budgets in the online space.

In this regard, literally in front of the eyes appearsa new profession that has many names: a specialist in contextual advertising, a directory, a targetologist, an internet marketer, a specialist in lending, etc. The essence remains the same: there is a business that needs customers. There is a specialist who can attract inexpensive clients on the Internet. Business pays money to a specialist for his work and makes good money thanks to contextual advertising.

Earnings of an Internet marketer

So, how can you become such an expert and earn big money yourself, without leaving your home? The answer to this question can be found in this article.

Contextual advertising: from the first client to a successful career

To date, education is developing with theless speed than the Internet. In this regard, there is a need for specialists who are not trained by universities. The specialist in contextual advertising belongs to this category of professions. How to master this profession and become the best? And in this matter the World Wide Web comes to the aid.

Clients of the specialist in Internet advertising

A little about the specifics of contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is one of the mosteffective types of ads, it falls into the field of vision only interested audience. For example, you want to buy a curtain. You drive your request into the search system, and from this moment contextual advertising begins to appear: in the tape among the suggested sites, in the Internet resources in the designated places for advertising you come across it, checking your mail, communicating with friends on social networks, even viewing the video on Youtube. Advertising, like a spider, dissolves its networks, and the customer pays for clicks. That is why contextual advertising is gaining momentum among the owners of large, medium and even small businesses, and therefore the demand for specialists in contextual advertising is growing.

You can learn the profession yourself

Profession of a specialist in contextual advertisingyou can learn by yourself. This profession is very in demand, so the Internet literally teems with information on this issue, you should plunge and pull out all the essentials. Read books, no matter how trite it may sound, but this is the most reliable source of information.

Online Training

Pay attention to the work of Brian Todd andPerry Marshall. Be interested in information from official sources - the Yandex platform and Google. See the video of bloggers who are among the leaders of opinions. Find them will help you with different ratings. Read about updates and pay attention to foreign experts in this field.

Pay for training and get results in the shortest time

Many people ask:"How to become an expert in contextual advertising, if this is not taught in universities?". Paid courses have their advantages, they are also provided with practice besides theoretical base. You are trained by performing real orders, thereby simultaneously creating a portfolio. As a result, after completing the courses, it is easier for you to find work in advertising agencies or to start the path of a freelancer. Among the many trainings on training specialists in contextual advertising, it is possible to single out classes in the "Academy of contextual advertising", created by Dmitry Mikheev. Their plus is that training takes place in a remote mode, so you can study from anywhere in the world. Each curator is assigned to each student, who checks the performance of homework assignments and answers all questions during the training. And the most diligent is given the opportunity to fulfill the orders of the "Academy", which are paid in full.

Contextual advertising specialist

You can go free of charge without losing the quality of the knowledge provided

Among the free online courses are mainly those that are created by advertising platforms. It should be noted the following:

  • The Yandex.Direct and Metric courses are provided by the Yandex team.
  • Preparing for the certified exam materials AdWords and Google Analytics.
  • Training programs provided by Facebook Blueprint.

Useful can be and a variety of forums dedicated to this topic. But remember, a specialist can become, constantly improving and replenishing the treasury of knowledge in this industry.

The necessary skills for mastering the profession

In order to be successful in the field ofcontextual advertising, you need to master the basic fundamentals and features of the profession, as well as the advertising market in general. It should be understood that the study of competitors is a necessity in this industry, and the use of this knowledge in creating companies for customers is an invaluable tool.

Remote work directory

Do not forget about learning different wayspromotion, it also directly relates to the direct duties of a specialist in contextual advertising, among them: the development, creation, maintenance and analysis of advertising campaigns. It is necessary to learn the basics of working with retargeting, networks and with Yandex.Metrics, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, optimization of advertising based on ROI, conversions. Professional work at all stages of working with advertising companies on Google Adwords, "Yandex.Direct." The presence of these qualities will ensure success in the profession:

  • Skills for effective planning of your workflow.
  • Ability to process and navigate in a large amount of information.
  • Ability to analyze the results obtained and use them in future work.
  • Consistency and concentration. Ability to take responsibility.
  • Non-standard approach to the tasks set and solving the problems that have arisen.
  • The constant need for new knowledge and skills.
  • Ability to work in different areas and benefit from offering a variety of services and products.

Is the work in Home office a reality or a myth?

Having mastered the theoretical basis, one should startpractice. If you do not want to spend a lot of time on the road to work and spend half the day in traffic jams getting home, then the following information is specially for you. A specialist in contextual advertising remotely is not a myth. To begin with, you need to earn a portfolio, and for this, dreams of high wages should be postponed a little. No owner of large or medium-sized businesses will pay you huge sums without making sure of your competence, and for this you need a portfolio. If you have acquaintances who own a business, invite them to create a campaign at a symbolic cost or completely free. If there are no such, go in search of the first client on the street of your city and offer your services to local businesses.

A specialist in contextual advertising without experience canfind a job on the freelance exchanges. You need to fill your portfolio and make the price below the market or offer your services for free, just as you can offer the client what he would pay only if your work is successful and the campaign brings profit to the customer. The main thing, do not be afraid and be confident in your abilities.

A remote profession allows you to travel

For a specialist on contextual advertising reviewsare one of the important aspects, so do not hesitate to ask your customers to leave feedback on your work. In the future, this will help you attract more customers.

We create a portfolio for a specialist in contextual advertising

Потенциальный работодатель или же заказчик должен it is obvious to see how many successful campaigns you have created, and what profit the customer has made. The resume of a specialist in contextual advertising should contain a portfolio of created ads. It can be made screenshots with the analysis of an advertising campaign. You need to place certificates, indicate work experience (during which time period you work in this area), the positions you occupied and with which companies you cooperated, the cost of your services, place links to reviews from your customers, or insert screenshots with them. This will be your advantage.

Pros and Cons of the Profession

Among the positive aspects of the profession, it should be noted:

  • The market of contextual advertising is continuously growing. Now and in the near future you will be provided with work.
  • Ability to work remotely and independently draw up your schedule.
  • If you wish, you can become an employee of world companies.
  • Professions can be trained independently without expensive courses and long-term training in universities.
  • The ability to earn a lot and go on a trip.

Minuses in the work of a specialist in contextual advertising:

  • When working in large world companies, you will be required to constantly certify (pass profile tests).
  • Great responsibility to customers.
  • It is necessary to constantly update their knowledge, the profession is new and develops at an enormous rate.

Career growth and peaks

A specialist in contextual advertising is a profession,which requires special attention to each order. It is the good performance of previous advertising campaigns that will ensure your success in the future in the form of an influx of new customers. The development and creation of ads is the main task of a specialist in contextual advertising, but campaigning will allow you to move around freely and become the main means of earning. Depending on your experience and professionalism, the number of advertising campaigns that you are engaged in simultaneously, the earnings can range from 30 thousand. rub. up to 150 thousand rubles. The vertices in the region under consideration have not yet been established, or rather, they are not. You can earn as much as you want, everyone has their own goals. It is only right to plan a working day and rest.

Directory services are well paid

Types of contextual advertising

There are two types of contextual advertising: ads in search engines and on sites.

  • Search advertising appears directly when you search for the product you need.
  • Thematic appears as an additional advertisement on the sites. These are ads that match the interests of users.

At the moment, there are two mainplatforms on which the contextual advertising is placed: "Yandex.Direct" - is intended for the Russian-speaking audience and Google Adwords - the coverage of this platform in addition to a similar target audience, works with the English-language. The cost of advertising on these platforms is almost no different: the minimum order is in the range between 300-400 rubles. One click on the first platform costs 30 rubles, on the second - from $ 0.01.