Brandbooks: examples of brands of famous companies

For a company that participates in an economicactivity, an important component of conducting a successful business is the availability of its own marketing plan, which includes a number of conceptual goals and symbols that distinguish it from competitors and promote the brand.

To date, the development and contentbrand is the most significant form of marketing policy pursued by the company. The basis of the brand, as well as its component components, such as the slogan, logo and rules for their use, contain brandbooks. Well-known companies that have succeeded due to a competent marketing policy, including through the use of their own marketing guide, mass: Apple, Nestle, Toyota, Coca-Cola ...

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What is a brandbook?

Brandbooks are an important part of the marketingpolicies of any organization, they describe all aspects of market modeling and representation of the organization, its products, as well as its employees and property to the public.

Brandbooks, examples of which can be found in the article,in general, it shows that this is a book containing information about the organization, logo, trademarks, describing the product or service that the firm produces. The publication includes all information on the rules for the use of the logo, slogan, credo and other objects of intangible property of the company.

Simply put, the broadest definition of the book of the brand is the source of the corporate identity of the company. Depending on the marketing tasks, the corporate identity includes more detailed information.

Why do we need brandbooks?

The idea of ​​creation stems from marketingConsiderations: the company creates a plan that is embodied in the form of a brand book and is aimed at capturing market positions, their subsequent retention. Brandbooks, examples of logos, slogans, advertisements, as well as other values ​​relating to the corporate identity of the organization, constitute its intangible property.

Given that the publication of the brand performseconomically feasible destination, it is fair to consider it a valuable property of the company, which contains its "know-how" and reveals the essence of the trademark.

According to the brand book, marketing policy is built and implemented, expressed by the following functions:

  1. Identification of goods and company - the creation of corporate identity.
  2. Systematization and optimization of advertising of goods through corporate identity.
  3. Optimization of future financial costs for marketing research.
  4. Saving money and time for the development of individual elements of the image of goods and organization.
  5. Establish rules for the use of the brand, logo and other elements of corporate identity.

It's worth mentioning that the branded edition template can be very diverse, and therefore the content may vary, depending on the real goals and tasks facing the company.

brandbooks of famous companies

Who needs a brand book

The book is a description of the whole brand,presented on the market, so it is necessary for all professionals who are responsible for promoting the product and company, public relations, advertising, etc. You can say that many need brandbooks. Examples of such specialties and positions:

  • Management and management personnel: they must carry ideological motivation for all employees of the company, so the obvious need to know and properly dispose of their own corporate style.
  • Marketers and advertising agents: their tasks include conducting market research and preparing targeted programs for the consumer, they use information about the rules for promoting the brand.
  • Employees of the department for public relations:their main task is public advocacy of the interests of the organization. The first requirement for them is loyalty, professionalism and compliance with the internal rules of the organization.
  • Сотрудники отдела продаж:for them the main goal is to increase the effectiveness of programs aimed at selling the goods. In turn, this activity requires awareness of the trademark, as well as the principles of sales.

As experience shows, brands of well-known companiescontain information that concerns virtually all aspects of the organization's internal and external policies: from the dress code of the staff to the appearance of the packaging of the goods.

Principles of creating a brand book

In order for the source of corporate identity to besuitable for the performance of its functions, it is necessary to carefully consider its filling. Marketers agree that it is the book about the brand that solves a multitude of tasks, and is also a top priority for brand promotion.

The company's brand book is made based on the following principles:

  • the company's concept should be specified, its position in the market should be defined, and the strategic goals to which it aspires are given;
  • The information should be concise and structured in sections;
  • the rules of using the corporate style should be a universal parting word for solving problems in different conditions;
  • information is clear and unambiguous for all users;
  • this information should be practical in nature, and not merely add to the image of the company.

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Contents of brand book

A certain order in which is filled andis issued by the company's corporate edition, does not exist, but during the evolution of marketing, as well as with the experience of large companies, a popular template with a single fragmentation stands out. Brandbook, whose value is evaluated in practice (for the benefit), should fully describe the rules of promotion and use of corporate style, taking into account all possible scenarios, and be a universal tool.

As a rule, filling occurs according to the following plan:

  1. Company's mission.
  2. The basic elements of the brand.
  3. Corporate information.
  4. Technical information about the logo, website, points of sale, etc.
  5. Advertising: the rules for its placement, templates.

This is far from complete content, but only the main sections, which can be expanded and supplemented as necessary.

Brandbooks: examples of well-known companies and their features

Companies that are well-deserved leadersmarket in this or that segment, are characterized by a high degree of development of corporate rules and principles. In many ways recognizable and catchy appearance of many brands of these companies is a property that provides brand book. Logo, motto, audio and video attributes, advertising - all these elements are described in it.

You can not ignore the corporate image of Apple asone of the top brands in the world. It contains a lot of corporate information, the principles of creating and selling products, and also describes the requirements for selling companies.

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Noteworthy brand book Nike.Created in 2012, it is an example of a compact but informative manual. It expresses the mission of the brand, design principles and requirements for advertising - everything is simple and to the point.

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Not unknown Coca-Cola is also differentoriginal and worthy publication, dedicated to its own brand line. Its content includes a detailed description of the company's philosophy, detailed information about the logo and other visual elements of the trademark, as well as advertising rules.

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Examples show that successful solutions,applied in the brandbooks of these companies, allow to achieve high results. Moreover, the promotion of large brands is impossible without its use. It not only contains ideological parting words, but also is a powerful source of information for the promotion of goods and company.

Where can I order and how much is a brand book

To date, the creation of a branded bookis an important stage in the development of the company. Its availability proves the ideological value and independence of the brand, and is also the foundation of all corporate relations.

"The cost of a brand book" is a popular question,who is asked when deciding to create a brand book. The average cost is from 15 000 to 20 000 rubles, and the exact value is determined depending on the requirements for the publication and its content.

Creation of a brand book is done by creativeagencies: they provide a wide range of services to develop a trademark. Specialists will prepare and present a template for the brand book, which will be prepared taking into account all the wishes of the client. It will contain information about the corporate identity and allow you to manage it.