Empire of good taste Betty Barclay

A fashionable German brand that produces premium-class collections and democratic models has won the love of shoppers around the world. Betty Barclay is one of the most long-term projects of the fashion industry, founded more than 70 years ago in America. The young brand set itself the task of dressing local teenagers in a street style.

Perfect style and a new life

Ambitious designers dreamed of conquering not onlylocal hearts, but also to get recognition in Europe, and did everything to make the plans come true. However, the opening of the brand stores was accompanied by financial problems that led to the sale of the business. Shares of Betty Barclay bought talented German fashion designers from the teamMax Berk, which affected the changes in the fashion concept. From flirting with the youth, the brand moved away, making a bet on the classic style and elegance. From that moment the company began a new life, which continues to this day.

Betty barclay

German couturiers, having radically changed the style,produce conservative models, not underground models, on the fashion market. Changing direction is a painful and painful process. But such a measure brought brilliant results: the replenishment of collections and the increase in the age range had a positive effect on the financial side. Lovers of practicality and feminine classical silhouettes do not waste time looking for spectacular things, and immediately go to the Betty Barclay store.

Conquerors of the fashion market

Impressive success of the company - the result of joint efforts of gifted designers,successfully realizing the ideas, competently presented advertising and aristocratic collections, warming the interest of buyers. The popularity of comfortable office clothing and exquisite models for luxurious parties is growing every year. Today the brand is known in 60 countries, where he opened more than 3500 boutiques, and continues to confidently win the fashion market. Russian customers have long loved the brand Betty Barclay, clothing which is destined for a successful lady, who rejoice at every day and notice only the good in their path.

Betty Barclay Store

The company did not limit itself to producing elegantclothes, on sale there are collections of fashionable glasses, watches, belts and bags from a genuine leather. An incredible success was the cooperation in 2004 with the German women's team, after which a new stage of the brand's promotion was launched.

Exquisite perfume collection

World brands often expand the line by releasingnot only stylish clothes and original accessories. Perfumery products enter the market under the company's logo. The fashion house was no exception, 20 years ago the head of Betty Barclay invited famous masters to create their debut perfume. The fragrance was of the same name and combined the tenderness of floral chords with bright fruity notes. The success of the exquisite composition surpassed expectations, and perfume products are issued at regular intervals once a year.

At the moment the collection is 20luxurious fragrances. They were successful and recognized by modern women, successfully combining career growth and personal life. Perfume lines subtly emphasize the non-standard attitude of the fair sex to life: actions are dictated by the dictates of the heart.

Positive aromatic charge

Released this year Betty Barclay perfume SheerDelight emit sunlight. The bottle resembles a pink classic dress, and the train streams like expensive silk. Not for nothing did the authors choose such a color - a symbol of youth. Advertising photos adorn the young girl in a fluttering outfit.

Betty Barclay perfume

A soft aroma resembles a weightless lace,which wraps the warm veil of his owner. A rare combination of innocence and sexuality in spirits circling the head of men smelling a seductive smell. Citrus shades, skillfully woven into the flower heart, beckon with all the passion, juicy pear explosion is balanced by the resinous base. Perfume, like a positive charge, inspires determination and optimism. A confidently walking beautiful lady with a smile looks at life. The perfect combination - an exciting composition and comfortable clothing brand - will not leave anyone indifferent.

Betty Barclay Clothing

The famous European brand Betty Barclay дважды становилась брендом года, чем заслуженно is proud. Excellent quality at an appropriate price attracts buyers. Comfortable clothes look perfect, and this is the main advantage of the brand. The fashion house dictates the conditions of good taste, which are successfully submitted to successful women of the world.