King of print and psychedelic drawings by Emilio Pucci

This designer was called the most prosperous and successful in the world. The first European, who dominated the American market, was a real experimenter, dreaming of finding the perfect fabric.

Today's story will be about the ancestor of the famous fashion house Emilio Pucci, whose psychedelic patterns do not lose their popularity in our days.

Dreams of politics

A boy born in Florence in 1914,did not even think about design. Coming from a very respected noble family, he dreamed of becoming a political leader and could not imagine that his name would go down in the annals of fashion. The young man, who understood that only excellent knowledge would enable him to carry out all his plans, perfectly studied.

Emilio Pucci Dresses

He graduated from the university with a doctorate inpolitical science Emilio is invited to the Olympic team for skiing. It is believed that after this proposal his life has changed radically. Emilio first thinks about the beautiful and comfortable clothes, not constraining the movement during the descent from the mountain slopes.

Designer Costume

So, a young sports enthusiast,carefully thought out all the details, instructs the tailor to remake his suit. Skiing in a new form, Emilio Pucci once captured the staff photographer of the fashion magazine, who gave the pictures to Diane Vryland, the editor-in-chief of Vogue.

She was struck by the unusual look of a ski suit, andwhen she learned that the young man had developed a design on his own, hurried to introduce the unique with the well-known clothing company at that time.

Fame in the fashion world

Emilio came up with new models for herform, and after the triumphant release of designer clothes, a well-known department store bought the entire collection for subsequent sale in the US and invited the budding Pucci to sign a long-term contract. Avant-garde costumes made a real sensation in America, making the name Emilio Pucci famous.

Women's collections

The designer did not only develop sports costumes. He was carried away by the creation of collections of women's clothing, giving the representatives of the fair sex freedom of movement.

It was he who developed in the 40s of the last centuryThe stylish outfit, consisting of strict trousers and shirt, which was recognized as truly revolutionary. Women adored his clothes, and the media people stood in line to buy new creations from Emilio Pucci. The first buyer of designer things was the beautiful Sophia Loren, and after her elegant outfits appreciated E. Taylor and R. Hayworth.

Opening of boutiques around the world

Emilio Pucci, who became a very famous man inthe world of fashion, thinks about opening its own studio-shop. And he realized his dream, turning the inherited noble castle into a real sewing shop. However, the descendant of the noble family of the rulers of Florence felt a certain amount of restraint and did not indicate his name on his clothes, signing all the collections by the name of Emilio.

emilio pucci

Later couturier opens branded boutiquesTo the whole world, presenting absolutely new color scales and bright prints. His famous shortened capri pants became a real find in the wardrobe of all women of fashion.

Development of new fabrics

Couturier rejected the old fashion standardsoffering exceptionally clear silhouettes. He released a collection of knitted silk, not having a strict form, but non-flowing and very light. Emilio Pucci, whose dresses were first sewn from a stretch that is incredibly beautifully emphasizing the figure, took care of improving the technology and continued to search for the best fabric.

emilio pucci perfume

1959 was marked by a new developmentdesigner, who created for his bride an almost weightless dress weighing only 150 grams. Silk jersey, called "Suzi Silkitay", six years later was put into production. It was after this invention that Pucci was named the richest couturier in the world.

Brand Rewards

The trademarks of the designer fashion house areunusual colorful prints and Florentine patterns. And the most favorite color couture was fuchsia, which he combined with the orange scale. Emilio Pucci is called the founder of the artistic painting on silk, which with his light hand became very popular.

emilio pucci

Рисунки самых разнообразных геометрических фигур they resembled optical illusions, from which they did not want to take their eyes off. Psychedelic motifs became a fashion trend and reached their peak in the 60s. Impressive bright colors, fantastic images became real symbols of a fashion house.

Emilio Pucci: Perfume

The fragrances that the brand began to produce in close cooperation with famous perfumers enjoyed unbelievable success. Classic and bright perfume as well as possible emphasized the luxury of dresses.

In 2007, all fans made a gift forits 60th anniversary of the Italian home "Emilio Pucci." "Vivara" is a bold floral scent, in which gentle jasmine notes are intertwined with a quiet toffee. The freshness of green grass, making its way in the initial notes, is softened by warm chords of patchouli.

Fans appreciated the packaging - bright andattention-getting print by Emilio Pucci. "Vivara" with a stunning train, in which there is absolutely no sweetness, for many years holds the palm among all the fragrances of the brand. He is considered a true masterpiece by an avant-garde design company.

 Emilio Pucci Vivara

Interestingly, bright phantasmagoric motifspopular today, and many fashion designers use pucci invented prints in their collections. The couturier, who left in 1992, was the first to make sportswear elegant and presented the fair sex with comfortable outfits for the rest.