How to make a poster in Photoshop and with your own hands

How to make a poster in Photoshop or with your own hands? Which method to use? We will look at both options in detail, and then everyone can choose the one that suits him.

How to make a poster in Photoshop

Most often for this purpose use the programAdobe Photoshop. Currently, many video lessons are available on the Internet about how to use this program or take courses in specialized schools.

how to make a poster in Photoshop

Create a poster in Photoshop is very easy, necessaryonly the workpiece and your imagination. First, select a photo or picture that will become the basis of your future poster. It can be a store logo or a photo of a famous artist, or something else. Next, upload it to the Photoshop program for further processing. You can change the background, add inscriptions or some other elements of the sketch. Here everything is limited only by your ideas or the wishes of the customer. Remember: if you need a poster to attract everyone's attention, it should be bright. When everything is ready, you will only have to print it on paper of the appropriate size.

We reviewed the most popular program for creating posters and image processing, but you can choose whatever is convenient for you.

How to make a poster with your own hands

Another way - how to make a poster - is that you can draw it completely yourself. But it's better to do this if you really have the ability to draw.

how to make a poster with your own hands

To do this, you need a sheet of paper sizefuture posters, as well as all kinds of colors, brushes, pencils, markers and other accessories. Before work begins, you need to find out where the future poster will hang. If it is a street, then it is best to use water-resistant paints in case of rain (snow) in the process of creation, or at the end to produce a laminate posters.

Also in the creation of the poster you can use some ready-made materials. For example, it can be different clippings, postcards, photos and even some items.

In the process of creating a poster, several people can always participate, each of which will be responsible for their area. For example, one draws, the other writes texts for a future poster.

Conclusions on how to make a poster

Both options, which we considered in thisThe article is good and has its pros. First, they are both budget. For work, you do not hire anyone, therefore, do not pay anything to anyone. All work is done on its own.
In the case of a photoshop, you need access to the program and the printer itself, and in case of drawing, a set of necessary tools.

how to make a poster

In both cases, you will spend time and, most likely, considerable, on the creation of a future poster. This must be taken into account.

Which option to choose is up to youor your customer. Most often, the choice depends on the concept of the event for which the bill is drawn up, and on the budget for its creation. If this is a job for yourself, then it's better to choose something that you are more talented in.

And still both variants can be combined. For example, after completing the poster in Photoshop, place on the already printed poster some items made by hand. If there is such an idea initially.