Bigboard or billboard: which option is correct?

For many companies and individuals,faced with outdoor advertising, it is important to know how to properly pronounce - a billboard or billboard? Today we will try to understand this issue and find out where this word came from.

Historical data

Billboards appeared for a good reason: it was necessary to bring the information to the public. Therefore, even in ancient Egypt, advertisements were posted about the fact that a reward was promised for caught runaway slaves.

billboard or billboard

In the subsequent historical period all over the worldwooden boards were used. They were fastened next to a shop, a hotel, a tavern. The development of outdoor advertising was slow. The next predecessors of advertising designs were posters. Usually they were used to advertise theatrical performances. And the question of how to properly say - a billboard or billboard - did not even arise.

By the end of the 20th century,The designation of each design on city streets. During that period of the types of advertising media, there was such a huge amount that the association of MANR conducted a study in order to study the most effective of them. Then the abbreviation Billing board appeared.

big board

The first part of it is translated from English as"Information", the second - as "board". Literally - "bulletin board." That is, we are talking about an information board. If we talk about writing this word, it should be remembered that the letter should use one letter "l", because that is how the word is fixed in the spelling dictionary.

How did the name "big board" come about?

So, it is important for us to find out how it will be more correct - a billboard or billboard? The appearance of the word "big board" is due to the companyBig Board (the date of its foundation - early 1990's). Before the collapse of the USSR, there was no question of outdoor advertising either, or it was aimed at promoting the interests of the state. There was another option - it was completely banned.

After well-known events in the advertising industrythere was rapid growth. The first company that decided to place a standard shield on the roof of the building (it was similar to a neon structure) was Coca-Cola (1991).

Bulletin board

The initiative was picked up by manybased advertising organizations. One of them, Big Board, had a large number of designs. Below each of them there was a similar inscription.

Considering that at the time mentioned in Russianlanguage, new words constantly appeared, search engines were absent, in the dictionaries the interpretation of new words did not appear immediately, people, not having had time to understand what the new inscriptions signify, began to use the word "bigboard" for the name of advertising constructions of a similar format. It has taken root and is still used.

We draw a conclusion

But still it's right to say - bigboard or a billboard?On the letter and when pronouncing the correct option is the second word. After all, this is the name of this construction for the first time. The second word is the name of the company. Its use will not be a mistake. But in dealing with business partners, it is best to avoid it.