Concept and classification of advertising

Currently, the classification of advertisingcontinues to change rapidly. Innovations are introduced, additional subcategories are created. On advertising in a modern society, practically all the working activity is held. Promote their services or products to both commercial and non-profit organizations. Even if you just leave the house, you will see that around you there is a large amount of advertising material.

Definition of advertising

Initially, advertising comes from the Latin words reclama (cry out) and reclamare (respond, demand).

Definition of advertising

Classification of advertising and the concept of advertising are two closely related things that complement each other.

Interpretation of the term "advertising", as directions inmarketing communications, it sounds like this: it's the interaction between people. The advertising subject has an impact on the selling nature of a particular object.

Advertising - is the transfer of a variety of differentData for which the advertiser can receive a certain amount of money, depending on the status and quality of the advertised products. It is carried out by means of various means and methods.

Classification of advertising by function and purpose

If we consider the typology of advertising for tasks and purposes, we can distinguish several:

  • Informative.We can say that this is the main representative of the classification of types of advertising. Informs people about all kinds of services and goods, forms / maintains the image of the enterprise, and also tells the person details about the promoted product.
  • Obligatory. First of all, it creates the image of an entrepreneur. Helps to change the client's attitude to the goods for the better. Acquires special significance at the stage of increasing the number of sales.
  • Reminding. Helps buyers not to forget about their favorite brand and supports the already formed image of the product.
  • Consumer. Directed almost by 90% of all advertising reviewers, since it is intended only for those who are not going to resell the goods, but purchases them for personal use.
  • Business advertising. It is noticed by professionals, wholesalers or private entrepreneurs. It is believed that business advertising is invisible to the average consumer.

It is this group of subcategories that can be called the classification of advertising in marketing.

Business Advertising

Business ideas

As it was said in this article, there are a lot of types of advertising. And business advertising, it turns out, also has a couple of units. She may be:

  • Industrial. Promote goods or services for industrial purposes.
  • Trading. It is focused on wholesalers and on people selling something at retail.
  • Agricultural. It is not difficult to guess that such advertising is intended for farmers.
  • Professional. It is aimed at owners of catering places, at dentists or legal entities.

It is worth noting that the industrial andConsumer advertising has several important differences. If the first is a kind of marketing move just to attract a potential buyer, the second is for the advertiser the key to communicate with potential customers.

However, there is also a legal classification of advertising.To select its types, you need to understand the purpose of the advertiser. For example, does he plan to advertise financial activities, or will it be advertising of insurance companies, as well as companies providing investment services. Undoubtedly, there are other purposes.

Depending on one of these purposes, you can define three types of legal advertising:

  • A commercial.
  • Social.
  • Political.

The first forms and maintains interest mainly to legal entities.

The second defends the state or public interests and accompanies the tasks, the outcome of which will benefit the society.

The third one implies spreadingevery possible information on candidates for different state elected offices. It forms some kind of opinion of all people about the candidate for the state post.

Advertising media

There are many material resources,intended for distribution of the advertiser's message. This message is aimed at achieving a feedback effect between the buyer and the seller. The second goal is to sell the first advertised product / service to the first.

However, there is no unified classification of advertising media.But it is worth noting that the carrier of advertising can not be an advertising medium. Here, for example, the newspaper is both a way of advertising, and the carrier of the selling material.

But cosmetics has packaging, which is an advertising tool. But the cosmetics itself will be only a promoted product, and not a carrier of advertising information.

Packaging is an advertising tool

The tools of advertising are applied in order to exert a certain influence on the consumer, under which he wants to purchase promoted goods.

Sources of advertising

To convey a specific message to the consumer, you need to choose the right place for its distribution. It all depends on what is the purpose of the advertising message.

For a long time there is a classification of advertising, or rather advertising sources.

Outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising

The most common and probably the most memorable of all in the case when the advertiser was not too lazy and showed sufficient creativity.

Creative advertising

Outdoor ads can be:

  • Banners.
  • Various electronic advertising stands (pillar, Morris cabinet, etc.).
  • Stretch marks.
  • With prismatrons.
  • Light advertising letters.
  • Stickers on vehicles.

Of course, this is not the whole classification of outdoor advertising. Do not forget about posters, newspapers and flyers, which are glued to the wall by promoters.

Here you can also include gift charms, clothes, stationery and other accessories that carry a message from the advertiser.

Outdoor advertising is valued by the fact that it is easily seen by a person belonging to any target audience, and it does not require large expenditures.

It is bad in this method that often passers-by prefer not to pay attention to extraneous illustrations and text, unless they, of course, differ in some special creative idea.

PR on TV

No less important way, how to advertise something, is the use of television. The only nuance: this method is clearly not suitable for promoting industrial products.

TV ads are prettyeffective, as they transmit an animated message containing the movement and demonstration of a particular product. The client with his own eyes will be able to assess the quality of the selected service.

Advertising on TV

"It's always better to see than to hear" - this proverb is followed by a lot of people. It's better to use this to your advantage when you decide to promote the product and have chosen television advertising.

But there is one significant point: that the message reaches the recipient, he must carefully monitor the TV-broadcast. Otherwise, the information will fly past the ears.

To make advertising effective and impressive - you need:

  1. Create a creative and easy-to-comprehend idea.
  2. Use fewer words.
  3. Interested in a potential buyer from the first seconds of viewing.
  4. Pay attention to the current trends.

Nevertheless, TV begins to lose its grip, and fewer people pay attention to the advertising material that is broadcast from there.

Radio notification

С одной стороны радиореклама является довольно an effective channel for promotion. Under what conditions would you not listen to the radio - you will always hear the broadcast and, in any case, do not miss important information (if, of course, you are interested in it).

Advertising on the radio

But on the other hand, with the help of radio you can only hear announcements. You will not be able to see what the radio waves are talking about. This can undermine the quality of the broadcast data.

To radio advertising has brought the desired effectadvertiser and made a proper effect on the listener, you should use only the most necessary information in your ads. It is very important to hook the possible client from the very first words. The message should be positive. Good advertising is triggered, which is humorous.

Internet advertising

The Internet is the most visited anddemanded resource of all. Every second of a web page is monitored by thousands of people. It is this resource in our days is the most ideal for advertising anything.

Lighting any advertising messages on the Internet is most advantageous through the following social networks:

  • "In contact with".
  • Instagram.
  • "Twitter."
  • "Facebook".
  • "Telegram".
  • "Youtube."

In addition to social networks, the advertiser can also use various popular forums. It all depends on what kind of service or organization you need to propiate.

Internet advertising

Benefits of using the Internet for thisThe goal is that you will have a wide selection of content that you want to provide to the browser. You can include all of your imagination to its fullest. If you have any skills in web design, programming or video / photomontage - do not doubt that your work will be necessarily appreciated among users of the network.

The disadvantages of this type are that morethe popular authors of their publications will necessarily occupy the first lines in the search engines of any domain. You will not easily notice if there is no specific status or readers.

Only resources that are popular usually pay for their advertising or they can rely on feedback from people.

Interesting Facts

Experience and demand in the network can be gained, but forThis will have a lot of time to spend for free work on the Internet. In addition, your content should be informative, interesting and new. Otherwise, your project will not be interesting to anyone.

Internet users are people of the age from 12years and older. It is desirable to clearly identify the target audience for which the promotional material is intended, otherwise there will be a risk of remaining in the shadow. Based on this, you will choose the site where you will post the material.

Pay for advertising on the Internet

Платить за премиум-условия размещения рекламы it is possible and necessary if you need to see as many people as possible who first saw you. It is beneficial to use paid premium services on the site and

Remember that for successful PR activities, there is littleit is good to know the types and classification of advertising. Ideas and innovations are needed, which no one has done before you. The foundation for your ideas can be sought abroad, since all trends to Russia come from there.