A nameplate is what? Manufacture of light plates

As everyone knows, popular companies andproduction firms like to distribute their own products thanks to one interesting little thing. A nameplate is an excellent variant of the inscription, which briefly displays the necessary information about the object to which it is attached.

Manufacturers of household appliances, cosmeticproducts and other technical products always independently develop a certain logo and create a label to indicate belonging to a particular firm.

stainless steel nameplate

Many people have heard the very word - "nameplate". What is it and how to apply it, unfortunately, is not known by all. Therefore, all the information can be found in this article.


Shildik is a kind of informationa plate where the manufacturer places a record relating to the item to be marked. As you know there are several types of labels. For example, it can be a steel plate or a conventional sticker with three-dimensional elements.

Bulk sticker

Tags with some bulky elements haveSelf-adhesive surface, which does not need to be processed before attaching to the object. Tags of this kind can be both hard and soft, which can be easily bent. From the top they are covered with a good layer of polymer, protecting from dust, dirt, scratches and not only. Coating with a plastic polymer ensures a long-term preservation of the original appearance, since any scratches and dents will automatically disappear after a short time.


A unique factory nameplate is a thing thatIt is very popular, and it will be very difficult to repeat all the actions that the machine performs during manufacture. But still you can do it yourself:

  1. To begin with, you need to purchase a self-adhesive or simply a solid base that can be influenced by printers. The image is applied by inkjet or laser printing.
  2. Then the image is cut out or cut out clearly along the contour using lasers or other devices.
  3. And the final step is to cover the resin.Here, each person independently chooses the desired hardness, shade and so on. Most often in this case, use polyurethane and epoxy resins.

A completely ready cherished product will be alreadyin a day. A great pleasure will bring such a nameplate. The information plate is also made with your own hands, and you get a pretty good result.

nameplate is


Soft type plates are used exclusively forsewing products or small additions. They are also often used to decorate souvenirs. Bicycles, skateboards, scooters are also often decorated with soft volumetric magnets.

nameplate information plate

Stronger and larger nameplates with engraving are used for official purposes: plaques on cabinets, car decoration, charms and so on.


Self-adhesive and original painted nameplate- this is a great way to not only designate the manufacturer, but also simply decorate any other products. Volumetric pictures with an excellent design will help to easily distribute an insufficiently famous product or simply point to the manufacturer.

The badges have a big plus - they are very goodkeep on any surface. A special material is added to the fabrication material, which, when combined with the glue, forms a sufficiently strong grip not only with a smooth surface, but with any other surface.

Particularly famous were the varieties of bulky stickers used for decorating refrigerators and other things. They are also called nameplates and are very popular.

In addition, another significant advantage is the stability of the material to any temperature, fluids of different types, oils, ultraviolet rays and many other adverse effects.

It should also be noted that the plates are produced withdifferent purposes and, accordingly, different shapes and in an interesting color scheme. Thus, each person can buy or make a custom-made garment for any occasion.

nameplate what is it

Illuminated nameplates

Production has already progressed reallyfar away, so now different plants and factories reproduce and sell interesting things that people like and bring a lot of benefits. A light nameplate is an excellent option for a car. Such an unusual design solution for decorating a car now does not quite cheap, but still car lovers they just snapped. Thanks to his presence on the hull of the vehicle, the protection against hijacking will increase by a certain percentage, since such cars are considered observable and respectable. Therefore, when selecting, it is necessary to select the nameplate as brightly as possible so that the level of protection is even greater and visually looked more pleasant for the owner of the car.

The nameplate from stainless steel is not worth ituse for such a case, as the case will scratch and crack from strong pressure. It is best to take soft and elastic options, although this is up to the driver. For fans of tuning, there never were boundaries, they can choose for their car completely strange and original accessories and enjoy them.

Creating a Backlight

In fact, to purchase a light labeldo not necessarily bother too much and look in all online stores, markets and so on. After all, such a beautiful thing can be done on your own. For those who wish to decorate the logo of their own car, there are a couple of the most popular options:

  1. With the help of Plexiglas.
  2. When using a printed circuit board.

For the first option, you need to remove the skin,then the logo itself. On a sheet of plain paper, you need to clearly draw a pencil logo, and then transfer it to a 3 mm plexiglass. Now you need to gently cut it out on the contour and drill holes for the legs. Then connect the logo to the glass, insert LEDs along the contour (wires must be thin). And the last action will be inserting the fixing pins and, in fact, the fastening itself to the right place.

The second option will be a little easier and more interesting, butwill take longer. For him, you need to make a logo out of the board (with scissors or gently cut), then apply a diagram of connecting the diodes there and apply the already cut out figure from Plexiglas on top.

These simple options will help in a short period of time to significantly improve your own car and make it popular among neighbors.

And in addition to car decorations, you can also see luminous badges as names of elite institutions and so on.

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