How to unlock the phone?

Among the many existing waysunlock the phone, stand out well-tested, suitable in most cases for absolutely all models of modern mobile devices. The article will describe several general principles by which you can try to solve a similar problem.

How can I unblock my phone with a PIN?

Phone lock due to forgottenthe owner of the pin code, which is required after the device is turned on, happens most often. In order to avoid such trouble, immediately after purchasing the device, turn off in the settings the function of displaying the mention of the introduction of the code every subsequent power-up. If this option is not acceptable, do not forget to write the code in paper or electronic form and save it in an easily remembered place. In the case when the code is completely forgotten, and it is not possible to recall it, you can contact the mobile operator in the service center, which will help solve the problem by restoring it.

How to unlock the phone using special programs?

In the case when a special password is usedto protect the phone that one user knows, and it's forgotten, it's also not a reason for panic. Those models of cell phones that can be connected to a computer (and this is almost all modifications) are amenable to a flashing, which in no way affects the continued smooth operation of your phone. This is done in the following way: several small programs for generating the unlock code are downloaded from the Internet, their subsequent application can unlock almost every model. In a similar way, only using other programs, you can easily unlock phone memory cards. The software on some sites is available for free for free download or for a fee.

How to unlock the phone code using an operator?

It happens and so when when buying a mobiledevices must adhere to the previously agreed terms of connection to a particular telecommunications operator, excluding the possibility of using another SIM card. In Russia, this option is not so relevant, but, nevertheless, and it must be considered. First of all, you need to make a call to the operator of communication in the support service and ask a question about the possible unlocking, and if you are denied, there is a direct way to find a site on which it is possible to get the code via IMEI phone. On such sites, most phones of popular brands are being unlocked.

How to unlock the phone by contacting the service center?

In the most desperate situations,take advantage of the last opportunity and take the phone to a service center, where after you pay, as a rule, not too much money, you will try to help. Well, and if this does not help - in your hands was a truly unique phone, only to use it (sorry, of course) is impossible.

How can I unlock a phone, for example, Samsung brand?

It is necessary to try to remove the lock using the code of the partial reset (Custom Eeprom Reset) - * 2767 * 2878 #.

But do not expect that this method can unlock the SIM card lock or executed by the operator. To unlock, try the following:

  • remove the SIM card and turn on the mobile device without it;
  • enter the code * 2767 * 2878 #;
  • the phone must be disconnected;
  • press the power button;
  • The inclusion will not happen, but the phone will blink violently;
  • after stopping the LED flashing, turn on the cell phone again;
  • by default, the code "0000" ("00000000") will be set on the phone.