Symptoms of Bartholinitis in Women

Disease of the genital area in women, manifested as an inflammation of the gland located in front of the vagina - this is bartolinite. Photos, symptoms and reasons for its occurrence will be discussed in this article.

symptoms of bartholinitis

So, we are talking about Bartholin gland, whichis a paired organ located at the base of the labia in the subcutaneous fat. The main function of this gland is the production of a viscous substance, which, through its excretory ducts, is released during sexual intercourse, lubricating the entrance to the vagina.

What are the causes and symptoms of bartholinitis?If we talk about the reasons, then there are several. First, it is penetration into the gland of infection. Her pathogens are usually staphylococcus, gonococcus, Trichomonas and in some cases - E. coli. Often this leads to promiscuous sexual relations, entailing venereal diseases, after which symptoms of bartholinitis appear. The second reason - non-observance of personal hygiene, especially increases the risk of disease, if sex is involved during menstruation. Also, the disease can trigger a decrease in immunity, stress, hypothermia or vitamin deficiency. In the Bartholin gland, the infection can get from other organs through the bloodstream. This is a consequence of chronic sinusitis, tonsillitis, caries and pyelonephritis. During pregnancy, symptoms of bartholinitis may also appear. This is due to the fact that the body is undergoing hormonal restructuring and sharply reduced immunity.

bartholinitis photo symptoms

What is this disease?The pus begins to accumulate in the gland. And because of the inflammation, the flow channel can close, which does not allow it to go outside. Sometimes the inflammation passes without purulent discharge, then just a dense formation appears, and the gland slightly increases in size.

For some time, the symptoms of bartholinitismay not be manifested. Most often, the disease manifests itself during a secondary infection. The first sign is the appearance of a red cushion near one of the passages in the Bartholin gland. With pressure on the hole, purulent discharge occurs. The further development of the disease entails the appearance of a pseudoabscess, in which a large amount of purulent mass accumulates. The woman has a general weakness, she feels broken and malaise. The temperature rises and the working capacity decreases. Education causes severe pain in the labia and prevents walking. If the gland itself rot, then the lymph nodes in the groin area increase, and the temperature can rise to 40ºC. In addition, bartholinitis is accompanied by general intoxication, nausea and headache appear.

Bartholinitis treatment with antibiotics

Do not self-medicate thisdiseases, as often surgical intervention is required. If you ignore the doctors, then from a mild form will go to the abscess of the Bartholinitis gland. Treatment with antibiotics in combination with trays of herbs, vitamins and drugs that increase immunity - all this will allow you to get rid of this disease, but the appointment should only be done by a specialist.