Effective and inexpensive analog "Bepantena"

We all know that you can not save on health -both his own and his family members. But sometimes, when the family budget is very important, many are wondering whether it is possible to find analogues of some expensive medicines. For example, is there an analogue of "Bepanten"? To answer this question, you need to analyze the properties and therapeutic use of this drug. Perhaps it turns out that the analogue of "Bepanten" can be found. And not even one.

Budget analog "Bepantena"

The active substance of this very popular ointment -dexpanthenol. It helps this drug to be so effective for treating skin abrasions and other damages. Another name for dexpanthenol is provitamin B5. It has almost no contraindications, therefore it is used for the tender skin of babies, for the nipples of mothers who breastfeed.

botanic analogue

The excipients that are contained inmedicament "Bepanten", - refined almond oil and lanolin. The latter well prevents dry skin. Oil creates a protective barrier between the epidermis and the environment, keeping it intact. Analog "Bepantena" for the treatment of diaper rash in the baby, diaper dermatitis, minor abrasions, cracks, dryness - the drug "Pantenol". The main active substance is present in these medicines in the same concentration - about 5 percent. Medications "Pantenol" and "Bepanten" are able to prevent skin irritation, well heals minor abrasions. Effective for treating traces of rashes on the face (post-acne).

Other analogues of "Bepanten"

Another good substitute is HappyDerm cream.It is almost twice cheaper, but it also works well for skin lesions. For cosmetic purposes, it can be used by mixing with various essential oils (unless, of course, there is no allergy to the oil). An even cheaper option is zinc ointment. It can also lubricate diaper rash.

cheap analog of arbidol

Cheap analog "Arbidol"

There are many domestic analoguesantiviral drugs. To select them, of course, is better with the attending physician. The specialist will provide information on analogues and prices. Most often, the drug "Arbidol" is advised to be replaced with Remantidine. There are medicines "Amizon", "Interferon", "Antigrippin". Remantadine has excellent antiviral activity against Group B influenza viruses. It can be used for prevention during epidemics. It is also effective for preventing tick-borne encephalitis.

de nol substitute

Analogue of the drug "De-Nol"

Substitute for antiulcer drugmeans, which has an astringent effect, should be selected for you by the treating gastroenterologist. Most often use the drug "Ventrisol" (in tablets). It is also used for gastritis. A good gastroprotektrorom is a drug "Sukralfat", actively reducing the effect of pepsin. This analog interacts with bile salts. It is prescribed for ulcers, reflux-esophagitis, gastroduodenitis, heartburn. Often taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs provokes stomach pain. Against them is very effective all the same medication "Sukralfat".