Is there an analog simulator for Bubnovsky?

Each person for recreational activitiesI would like to have an effective simulator. The analog of the Bubnov variant assists no less than the originals. The price range and availability of the latter makes it necessary to make a choice in the direction of an exact copy.

Correspondence of the functional

The simulator - analogue of the Bubnov invention is absolutely identical to the original version. The purpose of all parts remains the same. On sale there are such products:

  • sets of expanders - the tubular system is compact in storage;
  • Training complexes that require considerable space in the room.

analogue of the Bubnovsky simulator for the home

A set of constructions from the expander representanalog simulator Bubnovsky. In Moscow, on the program "Rules of the Movement", the doctor used exactly such devices. With their help you can sit on the rug. All exercises are carried out by stretching the anti-breaking cord. The purpose of demountable structures is to ensure the work of the body in a confined space.

A cumbersome simulator-analogue of Bubnovsky haswider applications. It is possible to adjust the weight and direction of movement of the limbs. Rubberized parts are more durable, and advanced models have no noise.

Why take a copy?

Buying an analogue of the simulator Bubnovsky for the house, positive moments are reached:

  • Save time: all models on the market can be picked up at once. They are stored in a warehouse. Original products will have to wait until the manufacturer will make them on advance order.
  • Safety in terms of safety of funds. The goods are delivered almost immediately after payment. When ordering a simulator Bubnovsky will require a 100% contribution of funds.
  • Money can be paid only after a complete check of the model and compliance with the declared characteristics.
  • There is also an opportunity to take the goods on credit.

simulator analogue of Bubnovsky

What does the cost of models depend on?

The simulator (analog) of Bubnovsky is a complex construction. The price of the product varies depending on the following characteristics:

  • the maximum load;
  • size;
  • strength of parts;
  • the possibility of replacing broken parts;
  • additional elements: Velcro and clips, latex coating for hands, fastening to the wall or crossbar.

Simulator-analogue of the Bubnov invention atany configuration has a lower cost. The appearance of some models exceeds the original design. For all products the manufacturer gives a long-term guarantee. On all questions are advised by experienced specialists of exercise therapy.

analog simulator Bubnovsky in Moscow

In addition to any models suppliedAdjustable wall mounts, helping to place it almost anywhere in the house. Rubber pads in the base of heavy complexes do not spoil the floor covering. In the presence there is a huge list of complete sets, differing in height.

The immobile lifestyle of man is no longerwill lead to disability. A small workout can be done in the morning and evening. Home helpers will forever forget about such a disease as osteochondrosis.