Hemorrhoids in women: symptoms and complications

На сегодняшний день геморрой представляет собой a fairly common disease. In this case, most often it occurs in the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. It is worth noting that when hemorrhoids develop in women, the symptoms most often differ little from the clinic that men have.

Hemorrhoids in women with symptoms

Main manifestations

The clinical picture of this disease includesIn itself at once some characteristic signs. First of all, during the act of defecation, severe acute pain is observed in the perianal region. It occurs when a hemorrhoidal site is traumatized by fecal masses passing through the lumen. Especially often this occurs when the feces have too dense structure.

In addition, the symptoms of hemorrhoids in women includescarlet-colored blood on your list. This happens immediately after the end of the act of defecation. In this case, the scarlet blood does not mix with the feces, but is located on it. In addition, you can see it on toilet paper.

Hemorrhoids in women photo

It should also be noted that ifhemorrhoids in women, the symptoms do not always have a constant and the same character. The fact is that with this disease, the pain worries the patient during the defecation itself, as well as for several minutes after it. In the future, there is a gradual transformation of pain in itching and / or burning. In this case, the patient often has a great desire to take a shower. It is worth noting that in some cases it helps, but only until the next act of defecation.

In the event that it is observed outsidehemorrhoids in women, the symptoms of the disease will also be supplemented by the presence of a pathological formation in the perianal area. Only a doctor can make such a diagnosis. For those who have never encountered this disease, to find out what external hemorrhoids look like in women, the photo will help you better than any stories. Finding them is not so difficult.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids in women


How does hemorrhoids develop in women?The symptoms described above are mainly characteristic of the disease in the initial stages of its development. In that case, if it begins to progress and reaches significant severity, then the appearance of significant complications is quite likely. In the case of hemorrhoids, we are talking primarily about heavy bleeding, which has arisen as a result of trauma to the hemorrhoid. Sometimes it is so strong that it directly threatens the life of the patient. In addition, with significant severity of hemorrhoids, loss of hemorrhoidal nodes from the anus may be observed. Moreover, such formations are often infringed by the anal sphincter. In this case, the patient experiences a very pronounced pain.

Иногда ущемлённый анальным сфинктером the hemorrhoid does not have time to release, then its necrosis begins. In the event of such a complication, surgical intervention should be carried out as soon as possible, since, if this is not done, it is possible that even more problems will develop.