HPV in women. Symptoms and consequences

Human papillomavirus (HPV) является возбудителем инфекции, которая subsequently becomes chronic. Once in the body of a healthy person, he can stay in a “sleeping” state for quite a long time until favorable conditions appear that will provoke the development of the disease.

HPV in women. Symptoms and causes of infection

Mainly papillomavirus infectionspreads sexually. But you can put it in the body and through the mucous membranes or skin, if the outer layer of the epidermis is damaged. This can happen if you use one towel, bed or underwear with an infection carrier. The mother is also able to transmit the disease to the baby during childbirth.

HPV in women with symptoms

Who is to blame for the fact that the body gets HPV?In women, the symptoms of the manifestation of a disease, first of all, are the result of one's own inattentive attitude towards oneself. Casual sex, frequent partner changes, and sometimes non-compliance with hygiene rules are the main causes of infection. But there are several factors that contribute to the development of the virus:

  • reduced immunity as a result of viral disease or hypothermia;
  • abortions;
  • operative interventions;
  • various kinds of medical manipulations, such as the introduction of intrauterine contraceptives.

HPV symptoms in women photo
How does HPV affect women?Symptoms are often common, not everyone pays attention to them. This may be unreasonable bleeding from the vagina or the appearance of warts. The person usually does not even know about his infection. But the virus is the cause of the development of one of the following pathologies:

  • squamous metaplasia;
  • cervical cancer;
  • genital or confinement warts;
  • dysplasia;
  • cervical erosion;
  • warts.

What is dangerous virus?

Asymptomatic leakage is the main danger of HPV.Symptoms in women (photos are attached to the article) can appear only three months after infection. And they are detected most often during a routine examination by a gynecologist. Contraceptives do not provide an absolute guarantee of protection against HPV, since the size of the virus is many times smaller than the pores of the condom. Moreover, there is a high risk of infection through open areas of the body.

Can women be treated with HPV?
What are the consequences of entering the body?HPV in women? General symptoms will eventually lead to more serious problems. In addition to the possible development of oncology, human papillomavirus infection has a detrimental effect on the reproductive function of women, leading either to its decline or to a complete impairment. It can cause miscarriage, infertility, delayed fetal development and postpartum complications. That is why it is so important to pass a full examination before conceiving a child.

Is HPV treated for women?

The high level of development of medical technology helps to cope with many infections. But in the case of HPV, no one guarantees a complete cure for the disease. The virus remains in the body forever.

The treatment comes down to removing the skinneoplasms, followed by their histological study. Next, the doctor prescribes a complex therapy, which includes strengthening the immune system and taking antiviral drugs. When a human papillomavirus is detected in a woman, an examination and her sexual partner are necessary.