Contusion of the coccyx: symptoms and consequences, treatment

Typically, the coccyx contusion occurs when applieda strong blow precisely at the place where it is located. Most often such a trauma is given to cyclists who like to ride on uneven roads. It is worth noting that very often get a contusion of the coccyx of a representative of the weaker sex. Women, unlike men, have wider hip bones. This is the problem. In order not to receive such injuries, it is necessary to closely monitor the loads that occur on the back. The coccyx is the most vulnerable part of the spine. For many women, even pregnancy can cause this injury. So, with the contusion of the coccyx, what to do, how to treat, and what consequences can there be?

contusion of the coccyx symptoms and consequences

What is this - the contusion of the coccyx?

For many, a bruise is a blow toa certain area of ​​the body, as a result of which there is a violation of the integrity of tissues. Often, these injuries are treated with disdain. Many believe that such a nuisance as a bruise will quickly pass. As for the tailbone, the situation here is somewhat different. In this case, any minor impact or load can cause this section of the spine to be severely damaged. In addition, the situation is aggravated by the fact that the external factor acts on the coccyx. In addition, the whole spine exerts pressure on this area of ​​the body. Therefore, the contusion of the coccyx is so dangerous. Symptoms and consequences of such a trauma are very unpleasant.

Symptoms caused by a bruise

Contusion of the coccyx is a dangerous injury not onlydue to the fact that in the future there may be consequences, but also because it is difficult to diagnose. And not always the doctor is able to accurately diagnose. However, the contusion of the coccyx, the symptoms of which can be very sensitive, can be determined by such signs:

  1. In the area of ​​impact may appear a small bruise. If there is a huge hematoma and painful sensations do not pass, then this indicates that the victim received a fracture.
  2. Also, the patient may feel pain and discomfort during defecation. Similar symptoms may also indicate a fracture of the coccyx.
  3. Pain syndrome appears immediately after the impact, but after a few hours disappears. This little trick introduces the victim into confusion, and he thinks that everything will pass by itself.
  4. Unpleasant sensations in the coccyx may occur during sexual intercourse.
  5. On a strong contusion of the coccyx, the symptoms and consequences of which can be deplorable, indicates a pain syndrome that has spread to the lower extremities.
  6. Also on the site of the impact may appear a cone, when it comes into contact with which there is a sharp pain.
  7. Edema. This is another sign of a bruised coccyx and a serious cause for concern. After all, a similar phenomenon occurs with quite dangerous injuries.
  8. Also injured with a bruise or fracture of the coccyx may disturb pain during rest or movement. With such a trauma it is usually very difficult to stand motionless.
    treatment of bruised coccyx

Other symptoms

In addition to the above symptoms, the affectedcan feel wavy painful sensations after a slight blow to the coccyx. Immediately after getting the injury, a person feels a strong pain, which eventually passes and arises only when a squat or a sudden movement is unsuccessful. In such situations, many simply ignore the unpleasant sensations and do not rush to address to specialists, letting everything go on its own. However, this is not the best way to solve the problem. After all, over the years this process will grow into a chronic one, and the trauma will not be cured. Even with minor loads, pain will occur. Of course, it will not be pronounced, but it will provide enough problems. Therefore, treatment of a bruised coccyx should be done in any case.

Consequences of trauma

Many victims are usually concerned about the question,how much time it takes to treat the injury. This depends largely on the strength of the impact. After all, the contusion of the coccyx, the symptoms and consequences of which can be unpleasant, is still a dangerous injury. If the pain does not stop and resume, then in this case it is necessary to seek help from a traumatologist. Otherwise, the following consequences may occur:

contusion of the coccyx symptoms

  1. As a result of a very strong impact, even a slight displacement of the spinal cord may occur, which ultimately leads to frequent migraine headaches.
  2. Painful sensations can become chronic.
  3. The integrity of the spinal cord can be severely impaired.
  4. In some cases, fibrosis of the hematoma can begin.
  5. Also, wedging into the occipital region of the spinal cord is not excluded.
  6. Because of the displacement of bone in patients, very often inflammation in the rectum.
  7. Compression fracture of the spine.

If the coccyx hurts after a bruise, then it is necessaryask for help from specialists. Only in this case it is possible to avoid negative consequences. It is also very important to know how to properly provide first aid in such trauma.

First aid with contusion of the sacrum and coccyx

If a person has received a severe blow to the area of ​​the lower part of the spine, several procedures should be performed:

  1. The area of ​​the injury is worth the cold. This will reduce the vascular hemorrhage.
  2. It should be ensured that the patient has no pressure on the damaged area of ​​the spine.
  3. Take the victim to the nearest clinic.
  4. If the pain sensations are pronounced, then you should not force a person to endure. It is necessary to give the victim any painkiller.
    with coccyx contusion what to do

How to treat a coccyx injury

Treatment of a bruised coccyx should be donean experienced doctor. The quality of therapy for such injuries depends on the timely application of the victim to the clinic. On examination, the specialist should exclude serious damage to the spine. That's why you need to take an X-ray. Only after this the doctor can choose a method of treatment. If the diagnosis is a bruise of the sacrum and coccyx, then the victim can do without hospitalization.

Methods of treatment

There are several basic methods of treatment:

  1. Compliance with bed rest for several days.
  2. If the pain is pronounced, then the doctor can prescribe an anesthetic.
  3. The injured person is not allowed to sit. If this is not possible, then special orthopedic pillows should be used, which are designed specifically for such cases.
    the coccyx hurts after a bruise
  4. Also it is not necessary to warm up and apply warmcompresses to the damaged place. It is forbidden to take baths. It is best to use the shower, avoiding prolonged exposure to warm water to the bruised area. Doctors recommend applying more often cold.
  5. It's better for sportsmen to forget about training for a while. The sufferer should minimize all physical activity.
  6. It is necessary to abandon shoes with high heels. With such a trauma it is better to wear something on a flat sole.
  7. In some cases, the doctor may prescribe a therapeutic exercise. However, resort to this method immediately after the injury is not worth it.
    bruise of the sacrum and coccyx

Than to brush a bruise

For a speedy recovery should be regularapply certain compositions to a sore spot. You also need to know what is best to use. To eliminate pain and bruising, experts recommend using Dologene or Traumeel gels, as well as various ointments based on calendula, arnica and chamomile. Perfectly suitable compositions that have a warming effect. This will avoid such trouble as hematoma fibrosis. The main thing is to remember that the contusion of the coccyx, the symptoms and consequences of which are very diverse, constitutes a dangerous trauma, and it should be treated immediately.