"Herbion: plantain", cough syrup: instruction

Cough is essentially a protective reactionorganism on some stimuli that are in the airways. To such agents can be attributed a foreign body, mucus, pus and sputum. In many cases, cough is a symptom of a cold. A similar phenomenon may be accompanied by a mild ORL and severe pneumonia. Symptom indicates the development of cancer, infectious or viral respiratory system, as well as mediastinum. Very often, in the treatment of certain diseases, a plantain syrup is prescribed for coughing "Gerbion".

plantain cough syrup

Structure of the preparation

"Herbion: plantain", cough syrup, as a rule, has a natural composition. It is often prescribed for colds to adults and children. The composition of the syrup includes:

  1. Ascorbic acid.
  2. A mixture of aqueous liquid extracts of mallow flowers and leaves of lanceolate plantain.
  3. Auxiliary components, among which are orange oil, methyl parahydroxybenzoate, sucrose.

What is "Herbion: plantain", cough syrup

The given preparation is issued in glasscontainers made of dark glass. Such material allows to preserve the medicinal properties of the formulation. Psyllium syrup from a cough, the instruction to which is always attached, is a liquid that has a reddish-brown tinge.

cough syrup from cough

The drug has a rather specific flavor and taste. Children are happy to take such a medicine. Herbion syrup "Herbion" has a sweet aftertaste.

If the bottom of the container with the drug formeda little sediment, then you should not worry. Such processes are allowed in medicines made from components of natural origin.

How the plantain syrup works

The drug "Herbion" allows you to reduce cough withsome diseases of the respiratory system, which are accompanied by an inflammatory process. In addition, the drug protects the mucous membranes. Plantain syrup is recommended for use with a dry cough to soften it. This drug can be given to children, but only after consulting a doctor.

Mucous components of plant extractsform a very thin film. It is she who protects from all sorts of irritants the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract. As a result, the urge to cough is much less. "Herbion: plantain" (cough syrup) has a moderate antibacterial effect. Extract of this plant can significantly reduce inflammation, localized in the upper respiratory tract.

psyllium syrup for cough instructions

Ascorbic acid, which is a part ofdrug, takes an active part in almost all metabolic processes that occur in the human body. This is the formation of hemoglobin, the collagen synthesis reaction, oxidation-reduction processes, as well as stimulation of cellular regeneration and enhancement of the immune response.

When should I take syrup

Herbion is essentiallyphytopreparation. Therefore, it is often prescribed for the complex treatment of many diseases caused by the inflammatory process of the airways, which are often accompanied by a strong cough.

In addition, plantain syrup can be taken andin other cases. The drug perfectly cope with dry cough, which often affects smokers. Of course, completely eliminate the symptom syrup psyllium is not capable, but the general condition it improves.

Dosage of the drug

Cough syrup, the price of whichis from 280 to 320 rubles, should be taken inside. Drink the drug can not only clean water, but also tea. The dosage of the drug depends on the severity of the disease, as well as on the patient's age. As a rule, the necessary amount of syrup is determined by the attending physician. Usually the drug is prescribed:

  1. Children age 4-7 years: one metering spoon three times a day.
  2. Children age 7-14 years: 1-2 dosage spoons three times a day.
  3. Children over 14 years, and also adults: 2 dosing spoons 3-5 times a day.
    cough syrup herbion

If the child is not 4 years old, then "Herbion: Plantain" (cough syrup) should be used with extreme caution and only after consulting with specialists.

Who should not take plantain syrup

Though the preparation "Gerbion" is a herbal preparation, in some cases it is not recommended to take it. Do not use a medicine for those who:

  1. Insufficient sucrose isomaltase.
  2. Syndrome malabsorption of substances such as galactose and glucose.
  3. Congenital individual intolerance to fructose.

During lactation and pregnancy,recommend taking cough syrup from cough, as there are only limited information about the safety of this medication. Do not forget that the drug has side effects. As a rule, similar phenomena manifest themselves in the form of an allergic reaction. If any side effect occurs, it is worthwhile to see a doctor.