"Duspatalin": analogue cheaper than Russian, instructions for use

More often on TV, you can see ads,which tells about the drug "Duspatalin." You can choose an analogue. Among modern medicines there are many synonyms, substitutes and so-called generics. It is the main drug and its analogue that will be discussed in the article. You will find out what the drug "Duspatalin" is. An analogue (cheaper) will also be described for your attention.

duspatalin analogue cheaper

Form of issue and manufacturer of the original

Before you say what is the drug"Duspatalin" is a Russian analogue, it's worth mentioning about its composition. The main component, which has an effect on the human body, is mebeverine hydrochloride. One capsule contains 200 milligrams of this substance. Also the composition has additional ingredients. These are auxiliary substances. The capsule is a gelatinous shell, which does not affect the functioning of the human body and is usually unchanged.

Manufacturer of the drug "Duspatalin" - firmAbbott, which is located in the Netherlands. This explains the rather high cost of the medicine. After all, high costs are spent on production, production and transportation. That is why many consumers try to find an analogue cheaper for the drug "Duspatalin". Is there such a thing?

duspatalin analogues cheaper

Duspatalin: analogue of the preparation

What can be attributed to the synonyms describedmedication? These are drugs with the same active substance. In Russia, one such product is available that has the trade name "Sparex". Produces the medicine "Canonfarm".

If you consider drugs with other activesubstance, but the same effect on the human body, then among the Russian substitutes can be identified "Drotaverin." After using this medication, the same effect is achieved as with the drug "Duspatalin".

duspatalin analogue for children

Cost of medicines

The drug "Duspatalin" analog is cheaper.The original medicine costs about 490 rubles for 30 capsules. If you are talking about the absolute Russian substitute "Sparex", then such tablets will cost you 350 rubles. In this case, you will get all the same number of capsules - 30 pieces. It is worth noting that in the described preparations the dosage is the same. One tablet contains up to 200 mg of active ingredient.

About the medicine "Drotaverin", which isrelative analogue, we can say the following. For 20 capsules of medication you will give only 30 rubles. However, many consumers do not perceive this drug as an analog of the drug "Duspatalin." Therefore, they prefer to choose a composition with the trade name "Sparex".

Indications for use

In what situations are drugs "Duspatalin" prescribed, analogues cheaper and his generics? In the annotation, the following cases requiring the use of a drug are indicated:

  • irritable bowel syndrome;
  • spasms and pain caused by flatulence and increased gas production;
  • diarrhea or constipation (as a symptomatic treatment);
  • organic diseases that cause pain in the intestines and digestive tract;
  • colic of intestinal and bilious localization.

duspatalin analogue of Russian

Restrictions in use

Preparations "Duspatalin", analogue is cheaper("Sparex") have their contraindications. Medications are never assigned to patients who are hypersensitive to the components of the medication. Also, porphyria is a contraindication to the use of the described agents.

About the drug "Sparex" you can say that it is not recommended to use at the age of 12 years. His dear substitute is not appointed at all until adulthood.

"Duspatalin", analogues (cheaper): the way of using drugs

The original drug is prescribed for internal administration twice a day. A single dose is one capsule. With this it is preferable to take the medicine before eating with a little water.

A cheap analogue of "Sparex" is prescribed in a dose of 100 mg to 4 times a day. The daily portion is 400 mg of the active ingredient. If desired, the drug can be divided into three doses.

If we talk about the Russian substitute forthe name "Drotaverine", then it should be taken directly when discomfort occurs. One portion is from 1 to 2 tablets (40-80 mg of drotaverine).

duspatalin analogue of the preparation

Additional Information

What else can you say about the drug "Duspatalin"and its analog? These drugs are not recommended for use during breastfeeding, as there is information that the active substance is able to be passed on to the baby with milk. The composition of "Sparex" can be used in pregnancy only on the recommendation of a doctor after comparing all the risks and benefits. The medicine "Duspatalin" is not advised to be used during the bearing of the child.

Both interchangeable compounds do not affect the ability to drive vehicles. They can be combined with simultaneous use of alcohol and other medications.

Use in children

The drug "Duspatalin", an analogue for childrenare infrequent. Instructions for use indicate the limitations in the age group for these medicines. However, some doctors prescribe a medicine "Sparex" to children. Use in children after 12 years is allowed by the annotation. Until that age, an appointment can be made exclusively by a qualified specialist. In this case, the dose of the drug decreases in proportion to the age and weight of the child.

Reviews about medicines replacing each other

About the preparations "Duspatalin" and "Sparex" reviewsgood. However, most consumers believe that buying an original medicine is a waste of money. Why overpay if there is a cheaper, but not inferior in effectiveness medicine?

Doctors also report that many generics andsubstitutes are much slower than the original compounds. That's why often experts appoint a popular and expensive lineup "Duspatalin", and not a cheap "Sparex". What to acquire as a result, each patient decides for himself. However, do not forget that doctors have certain qualifications and work experience. Physicians know better what exactly will help you cope with a specific problem.

duspatalin analog instructions for use


You learned about the actively advertised drug withtrade name "Duspatalin". Analog, instructions for use are presented in your article. Always remember that the information received is not enough to start treatment. Be sure to consult a specialist before taking the capsules. Perhaps, it is you doctor who will pick up the individual scheme of admission. This will take into account the characteristics of your body and the main symptoms of pathology. Good health to you!