The preparation "Kogitum": instructions for use

Neuroses, asthenia, depression - one of the mostcommon diseases in today's world. If the speed of life is steadily increasing, and the continuous flow of current information that is required to assimilate, is constantly increasing, there may come a time when the nervous system ceases to cope with the load. In this case, she will definitely need help.

It is to help the nervous systemto come to a stable condition, the medical preparation "Kogitum" was developed and released. Instruction for use reports that it is prescribed for too rapid fatigue, asthenia, mild depression (as an additional remedy for essential medicines). The drug is characterized by a stimulating effect, it helps to normalize all processes occurring in the central nervous system. He activates mental and mental activity well. To put it simply, the composition helps adults to lead a healthy active life, and to kids to develop faster, to learn new knowledge.

The preparation "Kogitum" is good because its mainthe therapeutic component - acetylamino succinic acid - is a very active compound that is contained in the human nervous system and its brain. In this medicine, the acid is in the form of acetylaminosuccinate dicalcium salt.

Entering the body from the outside, the pharmaceutical"Cogitum" means practically no side effects. Only in people with an excessively high predisposition to allergic reactions, it can cause some undesirable manifestations.

The medicine "Kogitum" is a colorless liquid, sometimes with a yellowish tinge. It smells nice with a banana, so taking the drug is easy.

In addition to acetylamino succinic acid, the drug"Kogitum", the instruction for use notifies about this, includes additional (auxiliary) substances. This is methyl parahydroxybenzoate, levulose, distilled water, flavor.

The drug is packed into ampoules. Usually in one package there are 30 ampoules of 250 mg each.

The medicine is intended for oral administration.How dosage of the drug "Coguitum?" The instruction for use explains that for each patient the physician must choose an individual dose and a regimen of admission. However, most often adults are recommended three ampoules (two in the morning, one for the night).

Children from seven years to ten usually have enough ampoules per day, and adolescents under the age of 18 are recommended two. However, the dosage can be changed for medical reasons.

How do I take Coguitum?Instructions for use explains that it is first recommended to break the ampoule from one side, substitute the drinking container, and then break off the second end. The medicine will easily pour out. You can take it in diluted or undiluted form. Since the medicine has a taste of a banana, its reception usually does not cause negative sensations.

Sometimes the preparation "Kogitum", the instruction onuse warns, can cause some temporary excitability, especially in children. For this reason, they should give the medicine in the morning. If the drug is too exciting kids, makes them hyperactive, you should inform the doctor about it to change the dosage or change the medicine.

The average course of treatment takes about three weeks.Naturally, regular reception brings more benefits, so you need to drink the compound at one time. However, if the deadline was missed, then it can be taken outside of the hour.

Removing the medicine does not cause unpleasant sensations, because it does not cause habituation.

The closest analogue of the medicine "Kogitum" isthe drug Asparcum. Its active substance is also acetylamino-succinic acid. However, it is not represented by acetylaminosuccinate with dicalcium salt, but with magnesium and potassium salts. Therefore, you can buy an analogue instead of a prescribed composition only on the advice of a doctor.