The medicine "Pantogam" (syrup). Instructions for use

The drug "Pantogam" (syrup) refers todrugs that improve blood circulation in the brain. The drug is often prescribed by children's neurologists to young children in order to improve motor activity, eliminate the phenomena of hypoxia (oxygen starvation).

Syrup "Pantogam" instruction refers to nootropicmeans. The drug is able to exert a direct activating influence on the ability to learn, improve mental activity and memory, and also increase the resistance of the brain to negative influences. In addition, the drug has anticonvulsant properties, reduces motor excitability. The drug "Pantogam" combines a mild stimulating effect with a mild sedative effect. The tool helps to increase the efficiency of not only mental, but also physical. In addition, the drug has an analgesic effect.

The medicine "Pantogam" (syrup). Instructions for use. Indications

The drug is prescribed for the treatment and prevention of brain function disorders of various nature in children and adults.

In complex therapy, the "Pantogam" (syrup)the application instruction recommends for cerebrovascular insufficiency associated with atherosclerotic changes in the brain vessels, with senile dementia of the initial form, residual organic lesions of the brain in the middle and old age, after the craniocerebral trauma, to eliminate the consequences of neuroinfections.

The drug in combination with antidepressants,neuroleptics is indicated in schizophrenia with cerebral insufficiency of an organic nature. In combination with anticonvulsant medications, the Pantogam (syrup) medication is recommended for use in epilepsy accompanied by a delay in the development of mental processes.

The drug is prescribed for extrapyramidal hyperkinesias against the background of hereditary pathologies of the nervous system (including Parkinson's disease, hepatocerebral dystrophy and others).

The drug is shown to correct side effects of neuroleptics and prevent extrapyramidal neuroleptic syndrome of a chronic nature (akinetic and hyperkinetic).

The medicine "Pantogam" (syrup) instruction onapplication recommends with increased psycho-emotional stress, reduced physical and mental performance, in order to improve memorization and concentration.

Indications are and disorders of urination in patients older than two years of a different cause.

When stuttering, various forms of cerebral palsy, from the first days of life to children with perinatal encephalopathy, retardation in development, mental retardation, the drug "Pantogam" is also prescribed.

How to take medicine

The drug is recommended inside after eating in fifteen to thirty minutes.

Dosage for adults is 2.5-10 ml for one dose, 15-30 ml for a day, for children 2.5-5 ml for one dose, 7.5-30 ml for a day.

Depending on the nature of the pathology and the patient's condition, the doctor selects the exact amount of the drug.

Despite the fact that the preparation "Pantogam" does not render teratogenic and embryotoxic (negative effect on the fetus), the drug is contraindicated in the first trimester of pregnancy.

As side effects when using the product, rashes on the skin are possible. In rare cases, there may be conjunctivitis, rhinitis.

Contraindications to the use of the drug "Pantogam" are diseases of the kidneys of severe course, hypersensitivity to the drug.

If it is necessary to carry out prolonged treatment, simultaneous prescription of other nootropic medications and preparations stimulating CNS activity is not recommended.

Before using Pantogam, you need to consult a doctor.