Omphalitis in adults - symptoms and treatment

Such a disease, as omphalitis, does not occurso often among the population. The newborns are the most affected. The decisive factor in this case is the risk of acquiring such a disease, if during childbirth there were certain problems with the child. For example, a premature baby was born or painful and so on. This threatens with weak immunity, which weakens the body's resistance to any disease, including inflammation of the tissues around the navel.

Omphalitis in adults, in its essence, is an inflammation of the skin tissues in the navel. It can lead to non-compliance with personal hygiene, lack of care for the wound in the navel.

Often, inflammation in the navel is the result of an unsuccessful piercing.

Omphalitis in adults usually manifests itself on the skincharacteristic signs often in the period of possible trauma to the navel and a week after this. It is during this period that the wound in the navel only begins to heal. It easily gets many painful viruses and microorganisms, which become the causative agents of the disease. Often, omphalitis is accompanied by gray, bloody and purulent secretions. They are easy to recognize by color and unpleasant odor.

The most dangerous is considered phlegmonous or purulent omphalitis. It damages not only the umbilical tissue, but also spreads to other skin surfaces.

With necrotic omphalitis tissue near the naveldie, which leads to unpleasant consequences. The skin acquires a dark appearance, similar to a strong blow or bruise. Subsequently, ulcers, different in size, appear. But overall well-being can remain good

But if omphalitis in adults acquiressevere form, there are purulent and bloody discharge, here the general condition of a person suffers. His navel changes shape, becomes more bulging and annular. It is possible to raise the temperature to 38-39 degrees. Especially hot will be the area where the epicenter of inflammation is located. In this connection, toxins are poisoned by the body. The patient can quickly lose weight.

The wound is covered with a thick crust, under which all pus is collected. If it is injured or accidentally torn, then there is a risk of ulcers on the surface of the navel.

No matter how obnoxious it is, it's easytreatable. If the prescribed procedures are started in time, the risk of the consequences of the disease disappears. Therefore, it is better to pay attention immediately to the wounds near the navel and properly take care of the periapical region, so that you do not have to visit a doctor for a long time.

Often omphalitis in adults passes into otherstage, causing more complex diseases. The reason for this is that the causative agent of the infection can freely move through the lymph to other tissues. There is an intoxication of the body.

Also, infection easily enters the veins and blood vessels, which is the most dangerous variant of the development of the disease for the human body.

Omphalitis in adults: treatment

Если омфалит находится в легкой стадии, то для treatment will be enough to wipe the wound with special disinfectants, antiseptics. Another doctor can prescribe a cauterization with silver nitrate. This is a fairly effective method, although a little painful.

But the purulent inflammation of the navel requiressurgical intervention. To avoid infection by a number of adjacent organs and tissues, first you need to remove pus from the wound. This procedure is performed using a special probe, which is inserted into the notched hole.

After cleaning the wound at home, it is necessary to treat it with ointments and gels with the necessary ingredients.

Sometimes a doctor prescribes antibiotic treatment if the body does not have a particular sensitivity.