The drug "Zoladex": reviews, instructions for use

"Zoladex" is similar to naturalgonadotropin-releasing hormone of a synthetic nature. In this article, we will take a brief look at how to use the tool. Comments on Zoladex will also be presented.

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Form of issue and composition

The form of the preparation is capsules forThe introduction under the skin of a prolonged effect, which outwardly look like pieces of a cylindrical form of polymeric solid material, almost free or free of noticeable inclusions, cream or white. They are in syringe-applicators equipped with a protection mechanism. In a laminated aluminum envelope there is one syringe, in the pack - one envelope.

Active active component isgoserelin in the acetate form. One capsule contains either 3.6 or 10.8 milligrams. Excipients in a capsule with an amount of 3.6 milligrams: lactic and glycolic acid copolymer (fifty to fifty), acetic glacial acid. Additional ingredients of capsules of 10.8 milligrams: milk and glycolic acids, a low molecular weight and high molecular weight copolymer (95: 5).

According to reviews, "Zoladex" in cancer is quite effective.

When is it applied?

Capsules containing both 10.8 and 3.6 milligrams are used for:

  • Uterine fibroids.
  • Cancer of the prostate.
  • Endometriosis.

Capsules containing 3.6 milligrams are used for:

  • In vitro fertilization (for the purpose of desensitization of the pituitary gland).
  • With breast cancer. Reviews about "Zoladeks" are in abundance.
  • Planned surgical intervention on the endometrium (to weaken it).
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As absolute contra-indications are:

  • childhood;
  • the period of bearing and breastfeeding of the child;

high sensitivity to the agent or other analogues of an individual character. Comments on the application of Zoladex are mostly positive.

Cautiously administered with therapymen with a risk of spinal cord compression or obstruction of the ureters during extracorporeal fertilization in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome.

Dosage and route of administration

Capsules containing 3.6 milligrams are appliedunder the skin in the anterior abdominal wall, one piece every 28 days. With malignant neoplasms, the drug is used for a long time. With gynecological pathologies of malignant nature, treatment lasts up to six months. This is indicated by the instruction on the application to Zoladeks. There are no reviews of the efficacy and safety of longer-term therapy.

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To thin the endometrium, if plannedoperation, the drug should be administered twice with an interval of four weeks. Uterine ablation is performed approximately in the first two weeks after the second dose. During IVF, the drug "Zoladex" is used to desensitize the pituitary gland, determined by the degree of content in the blood serum of estradiol. Most often its required concentration, corresponding to that in the early follicular phase of a particular cycle (about 150 pmol / L), is reached between the seventh and the twenty-first days. When desensitization occurs, gonadotropin is stimulated by superovulation. Desensitization of the pituitary gland, which is caused by "Zoladex," can become more stable, which is why it is possible to increase the patient's need for gonadotropin. Its introduction ceases at the appropriate stage of the development of the follicle, then for the induction of ovulation chorionic human gonadotropin is used. Capsules "Zoladex" at 10.8 mg are injected under the skin into the anterior wall of the peritoneum: to women - every 12 weeks, to men - every three months.

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Side effects

According to reviews to Zoladeks, the side effects when using it are as follows:

  • from the immune system: rarely - hypersensitive reactions; even less often - anaphylactic reactions;
  • metabolic disorders: often - a decrease in men's tolerance to glucose, more rarely - female hypercalcemia;
  • endocrine system: in very rare cases - an outpouring of blood into the pituitary gland;
  • heart and blood vessels: often - tides; quite often - myocardial infarction and heart failure (in men), hypotension or hypertension;
  • psyche and nervous system: very often - a decrease in libido; in frequent cases- headache and depression (in women), men - compression of the spinal cord, paresthesia, low mood, in very rare situations - psychotic disorders;
  • musculoskeletal system: often pain in the bones (typical for men), in women - arthralgia (in men it is rare);
  • genitourinary system: in very frequent cases - an increase in dairyglands, as well as dryness of the vaginal mucosa in women, in men - erectile dysfunction, as well as cases of gynecomastia, more rarely - tenderness in the mammary glands and ureteral obstruction; in women occasionally - ovarian cyst, ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome with the simultaneous appointment of "Zoladex" and gonadotropins; with an unknown frequency - vaginal bleeding;
  • skin and fiber under the skin: in very frequent cases - increased sweating; quite often in women - alopecia, rash; with an unknown frequency in men also alopecia;
  • neoplasms: rather rare - pituitary tumor; with unknown frequency - degeneration of fibromatous nodes with uterine fibroids;
  • Other: high frequency - reactions in women in the fieldadministration of capsules; often - increasing the time of symptoms of the disease at the beginning of treatment for patients with breast cancer, in men - reactions in the area of ​​the administration of the drug;
  • laboratory research: often increases body weight, decreases bone mineral density.
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Comments on "Zoladex" will be discussed below. special instructions

It must be remembered that at the beginning of therapy,the number of exacerbations of the pathology due to the increase in the level of testosterone in the blood serum, resulting in an increased likelihood of obstruction of the urinary tract, as well as metastases - compression of the spinal cord. It is necessary to carry out systematic monitoring of the general condition during the first month of treatment, including the establishment of testosterone concentration in blood serum, the activity of acidic phosphatase and antigen of the prostate gland.

In women, the use of LHRH agonists iscause bone demineralization. After cancellation of treatment, progressive regeneration of bone density can be observed. During therapy, the tone of the uterine neck increases, there may be difficulties during the expansion of the uterine neck.

Patients of reproductive age needexclude before the start of treatment possible pregnancy. When using the drug, you need to use non-hormonal contraceptive methods before resuming menstruation.

This is confirmed by the instruction for use. According to reviews, the price of "Zoladeksa" is acceptable.

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The cost of this medication, depending on the dosage, is from 5500 to 8500 rubles. It depends on the region and the pharmacy network.


The remedy has such analogues as: Decapeptil Depot, Leiprorelin, Decapeptil, Lucrin, Lupreid Depot, Sandoz, Diferelin, Eligard.

Reviews about "Zoladex"

There are patient reports of frequent occurrenceside effects. Reviews say that regularly enough "Zoladex" becomes the cause of headaches, sleep disorders and more frequent menstruation. However, the drug is quite effective, which is confirmed by its positive characteristics.

In the article was considered to "Zoladeksu" instruction, price, reviews about the drug. Hopefully, the information provided was useful.