Fracture of the coccyx - symptoms

Who said that a vertebral fracture is a rarephenomenon? We will not even apply for an answer to the statistics. We should understand perfectly well that if a person, for example, has a fracture of the coccyx, the symptoms will be completely different than if the cervical region is damaged. But in both cases we talk about the spine, do not we?

In the winter season, this pathology occursoften. Honestly, I myself suffered one day from this pathology and did not even understand that it was a fracture of the coccyx. The symptoms were certainly unpleasant, and very painful. At the same time he could move independently, so he was cured due to his youth and optimism inherent in her. I found out that it was a fracture, or rather a crack, only after a rather long time. They made an X-ray in connection with the suspicion of osteomyelitis, and at the same time they saw a fused fracture of the coccyx. Consequences, in my case, almost absent, but it hurt for almost half a year, although tolerable.

So, the considered pathology is a kind of damage to the spine.


The damage to the coccyx is the result of a straight linetrauma, for example, as in my case, due to a fall on the buttocks. There are cases when this pathology arises from a kick. Why do I think such damage is not uncommon? Simply with such a trauma, many people may not consult a doctor, but transfer the disease "on their feet." For example, in my family there were at least two cases. In the beginning my mother, the doctor herself, fell in the winter and damaged the coccyx, and later I did. Besides this, after all, I myself am a medical man, worked for a while in an ambulance hospital, so I have the right to draw such conclusions.


For example, the ambulance deliveredman is 45 years old. Almost came to his feet, only friends supported by the arms. According to the victim, he fell on his buttocks and suspects that he has a fracture of the coccyx. Symptoms are the following:

  • swelling in the coccyx region,
  • severe pain when walking, can not sit,
  • pain intensifies when trying to climb, when coughing,
  • movements are somewhat limited, difficult,
  • Defecation is difficult (it hurts to go to the toilet "for a lot"),
  • general condition worsened.

Indeed, it turned out that the affected coccyx fracture, symptoms and a preliminary diagnosis were confirmed after the X-ray.


The main role, of course, is the X-ray study.

How to treat a fracture of the coccyx

To treat, of course, is highly desirable in the medicalinstitution. When I had a fracture of the coccyx, the symptoms were somewhat weakened. That's why I managed to do without referring to the appropriate specialists. I just drank Ortophen for a while, but if you are interested in my opinion, then please do not follow my example. You know, as they say: "Once at a time it is not necessary!" At one all heals, as if by magic, and the other suffers from the slightest cut.

Once, my father and I were at the fair and watched the show.Inside the huge barrel, a motorcyclist ridden, writing out various figures. It was great, and when we got out I did not hide my delight. And my father, a military surgeon, said at the time that it was strange when one without any insurance rides around the walls on a motorcycle, and the other on a flat spot falls and becomes disabled. In the realm of mysticism, we will not penetrate, but just take it for granted: "Doctors exist to provide us medical care. They should not be afraid or embarrassed. This is our health, which in turn directly affects the quality of our lives.


  • Bed rest during acute pain.
  • Immobilization (bringing to rest).
  • Local anesthesia. Anesthesia.
  • Drug treatment.
  • With improper adhesion, surgical intervention.

Conclusion:if you or your family and friends have a trauma and you suspect a fracture of the tailbone - the symptoms are indicated above, be sure to contact the nearest department of traumatology. I wish you health!