Syrup "Stodal" for children: reviews of pediatricians

Homeopathy is a division of naturopathic medicine,which has a long history of success. Over the past twenty years there has been a significant interest in homeopathy. It is the fastest growing area of ​​integrative medicine in many developed countries, the second most popular form of general medicine in the world.

Homeopathic medicines are based onmicrodoses of plant, mineral and other natural substances. They are safe and effective, without side effects, do not have undesirable drug interactions, which allows you to take conventional medications as needed along with homeopathic treatment.

With the advent of winter, many children have a cough,which is extremely troubling, especially during night rest. Diseases of the upper respiratory tract in children - an extremely urgent problem for most parents. Than to treat a cough? Perhaps the answer to the most common pathology is the homoeopathic drug "Stodal", produced by the "Boiron Laboratory". For children (reviews of many parents confirm this), the syrup "Stodal" is one of the most effective drugs that provides cough treatment for various etiologies.

Its action is due to a multicomponentcomposition. These are active substances - pulsatilla, rumex krispus (sorrel curly), vascular justice, ipecacuana, spongia toast, pulmonary stylus, antimonium tartaricum, myocardium, coccus kakti, drosera.

Definitely, it will be useful to know the effect of these components, included in the complex formula of the drug "Stodal". For children (reviews) pharmacists certify it) they are safe and enter the children's homeopathic medicine cabinet.

A popular vegetable ingredient is PULSATILL. Pulsatilla extract is recommended as a sedative in the treatment of dry cough and cough with abundant phlegm.

RUSEX CRISPUS (sorrel curly) is an excellent source of vitamin A and protein, rich in iron and potassium. The remedy is effective in teasing cough, disturbing sleep.

JUSTICE VASCULAR - strong stimulantrespiratory activity. An effective drug in the treatment of acute catarrhal diseases of the respiratory tract - paroxysmal cough with obstruction of the respiratory tract, cough accompanied by sneezing.

IPECACUANA (or vomiting root).Decoctions, infusion, powders of Ipecacuan are used for breathing, constant compression in the chest area. When coughing is prescribed in small doses as an expectorant.

EXTRACTION OF TOAST (dried sea sponge) is a wonderful remedy for symptoms of respiratory diseases with cough and croup.

STICK PULMONARY (pulmonary moss) is recommended for rhinitis, bronchial catarrhal inflammation and influenza.

Antimonium tartaricum (or tartar emetic) is assigned when wet "rolling" cough with difficult expectoration.

Expectorant MEOKARDE used for bronchitis, bronchial catarrhal filling.

MEXICAN COSMETICS (COCCUS CAKTI). In clinical conditions, they are used for coughing spasmodic attacks, which end with vomiting with thick mucus.

DROZER is a very important spasmodic.

As auxiliary expectorants in the formula used syrup TOLU, syrup POLYGAL.

Syrup "Stodal" (expert reviews areargue) facilitates the condition for all types of cough - dry, productive, etc. The drug is approved for use in children and adults for colds, bronchitis, laryngitis, tracheitis.

The pain in the throat passes, as a rule, on the second day. It provides 100 percent help with dry cough.

On the third day there is a change in the color of sputum (from greenish to white).

Completely eliminates sneezing with discharge from the nose on the fifth day.

Relieves of wheezing associated with coughing on the sixth day.

Provides relief from a productive cough in 77 percent of cases on the seventh day.

Clinically tested drug "Stodal" forchildren (reviews of pediatricians, based on the studies conducted, this is evidenced) was the best way. Healing all types of cough, he has no contraindications.

Children, from 1.6 to 15 years of age, are recommended to takeone teaspoon three to five times a day or as prescribed by a doctor. Adults - one tablespoon three to five times a day. Also, there are no contraindications during pregnancy and breastfeeding (however, a preliminary medical consultation is necessary).

In accordance with the instruction syrup "Stodal" forchildren up to one year can also be used, one teaspoon three to four times a day. He has no age restrictions. However, it should be borne in mind that the agent as a preservative contains a small amount of alcohol, as well as sugar. Therefore, it is better to seek advice from a pediatrician before taking.

The international scientific community is interested in the studies of homeopathy, not the exception and the described drug Stodal. For children (reviews of Russian pediatricians also confirm this) it can be prescribe as an alternative to allopathic therapy in the treatment of acute respiratory disease.