Projects of houses with a ground floor. Projects of houses with a basement and a garage

Projects of houses with a ground floor among ourcompatriots are very popular. In conditions of very dense urban development, they make it possible to significantly save the total area of ​​the premises, while increasing the useful.

projects of houses with a ground floor

Advantages of buildings

Projects of houses with a basement floor have a number of advantages:

  • The erection of such buildings requires fewer materials, and, accordingly, financial investments.
  • The underground floor is a kind of additional foundation that gives greater stability to the building, especially if it is located on a hilly terrain or on a slope.
  • In such a room you can place all the auxiliarybuilding, saving space on your site. It will not be necessary to erect a garage or a bath complex, to attach a gym and storage facilities. All this will fit perfectly on the ground floor, which will solve many problems at once. Also here you can organize a workshop and a wine cellar, which is very practical.
    Projects of single-storey houses with a basement floor
  • The basement is convenient forlocation of technical equipment (boiler, boiler, water distribution unit) in it. This will avoid disrupting the design inside the house with very unsightly technique, and also to protect yourself and loved ones from possible dangers.
  • In addition, in this room it is convenient to store the harvest and "roll".


Despite the obvious advantages, the design of houses withon the ground floor have one significant minus - a higher cost. Excavation with the involvement of special equipment, the device of ventilation and waterproofing require quite large expenses. Therefore, due to the high cost of implementing such projects, many refuse to equip the basement floor.

In addition, the construction is influenced by hydrogeological factors, of great importance among which is:

  • Groundwater level. With their close location to the surface of the earth, construction due to the organization of high-quality insulation will cost much more.
  • Type of soil. Build a marshy ground floor will not succeed. To equip a premise in a crude soil there is no sense, as work will manage expensively. On this issue it is better to consult with the land authorities in advance. Worth first conduct a study on soil moisture.
  • The slope of the site and the composition of the soil are also important.
    projects of houses with a ground floor

When organizing a basement floor, you should think about:

  • warming;
  • waterproofing;
  • ventilation;
  • heating.

Description of a convenient project

Projects of single-storey houses with a basement floorcan be very different. We offer to consider one of the options for planning. The total area of ​​the house is 194.33 m². Here are located: a living room, two living rooms, a kitchen-dining room, a hall, a vestibule and a bathroom.

projects of houses with a ground floor

On the ground floor there are: a thermae, a boiler room, a bathroom, a utility room, an office and a spacious rest room, which can be equipped for a billiard room and a gym

Projects of houses with a basement and a garage

Such projects are attractive in thatthe location of the garage directly in the house increases the level of comfort many times. If you need to get into the garage you do not need to get wet under the rain or snow. Coming home, you can immediately go from the garage to the hallway, which is very convenient.

It should be remembered that in the garage there must becertainly ventilation. In addition, it is recommended not to place bedrooms above it. The most optimal is the option in which the garage is equipped as an extension to the house, and above it nothing is located.

Projects of houses with a basement and a garage

Projects of houses with a ground floor and a garage can be one-storey, two-storey, and also with an attic floor. You can build buildings from almost any material.

Projects of houses on a slope with a ground floor

Houses on the slope are never standard, soas their planning depends not only on the land plot, but also on its terrain. When compared with the erection of a building on a flat surface, the cost of building materials for building on a slope is much greater. For a competent organization of construction, it is necessary to take into account certain features of this type of construction.

Advantages of houses on a terrain

Despite the fact that the erection of a house on the slope is associated with significant expenditure of funds and requires a fairly professional approach, it has certain advantages:

  • Partially deepened in the ground floor can be used to arrange a summer kitchen, verandah or utility rooms. They will open a beautiful panorama of the area.
  • In houses located on the slope, you can make a separate entrance for each floor, rooms and other premises.
  • Use the slope can be used to drain rainwater to the cleaning field.
  • The building will always be protected from the mountain side by the wind.
    projects of houses on a slope with a ground floor


Projects of single-storey houses with a basement flooralways enjoyed considerable demand, despite the significant financial costs during construction. The presence of a basement room saves owners from the problems of organizing a pantry, economic and other auxiliary rooms.