Alpine hill. Step-by-step instruction for arrangement and care

Element landscaping design inThe modern garden is a rock garden. The work of specialists in its creation sometimes translates into fabulous sums. But a made alpine slide with your own hands, the scheme of which is presented here, will significantly save money.

alpine slide step by step instruction

Step-by-step instruction

Step one

So, the alpine slide.Step-by-step instructions for its arrangement implies the need to select a suitable site. Now it is important to imagine this future decorative highlight. Pre-drawn alpine slides will help clarify your vision of the future decoration of the site. Be sure to show the paths leading to the construction, the location of the largest stones.

Step Two

An important step in the work will be the layout of the site. Having outlined with a shovel the perimeter of the future decoration of the garden, it is necessary to dig out the soil, removing approximately a layer of earth of 40 cm.

alpine slides

Step Three

Prepare crushed gravel.It will fit the drainage layer with a thickness of fifteen centimeters. Be sure to rubble compacted and carefully watered. The role of drainage is to drain excess water. Excess moisture in plants growing in rocky areas is harmful. Next, the same thickness of the layer of sand. A good tamping and watering will help prevent the slides from settling down. Such an alpine slide, a step-by-step instruction of which is proposed, will be fairly stable.

Step Four

Now take the soil.Its friability and nutritional value will improve the coarse sand and peat. All components are taken in equal proportions: 1/1/1. Still the layer is compacted. Its thickness will be the same. It is better to use the purchased soil, since there are no weeds in it that can kill all the plants. Otherwise, you will need to disassemble the structure to get rid of them. Alpine slide, a step-by-step instruction on the construction of which will be an indispensable assistant, will become an obvious decoration of the site.

Step Five

Stone laying.First, the largest stones are laid. For reliability, they are buried. Ground sprinkled 2/3 of their height. It is also necessary to check how stable they are. Placed under the bottom of small pebbles will help correct the identified deficiencies. The symmetry of laying here is no good. Only the chaotic placement of the stone will resemble natural hills. We should not forget about the natural vases in which the plants are placed. Alpine slide, a step-by-step instruction which recommends the use of flower girls from logs, stumps and tuff fragments, will look just great.

alpine slide do it yourself scheme

Step Six

The final one. It provides for planting.Their selection is not so simple. It should be remembered that plantings should not crowd out each other. Help will be viewing photos with ready-made compositions. For the rock garden to bloom for a long time, you need to pick plants with different flowering periods. Planted from top to bottom. A groove is made at the stem, small pebbles are poured on top.

Caring for a rocky hill

Everything is very simple:weed removal and careful regular watering. And with the onset of cold weather, it is necessary to tie the branches of conifers with a rope (if they are, of course, there are). Then heavy snow will not hurt them, and in the spring they will once again delight you with their beauty.