Analog "Lego". Is there a replacement for the legend?

Do not confuse analogues of "Lego" with a fake orcheap, but substandard Chinese copy of the goods. In order to competently compete, the analogue of "Lego" should correspond to the functionality of the original, have a set of parts for assembling various designs and meet the established quality standards. The market for children's toys has now reached the level when falsification is tight.

Apparent innocuous child constructor, analog"Lego", can conceal many dangers for the child. And it's not just the damage to the tender leg, when the child steps on the part. Classical components that do not have a negative effect on the body, negligent producers replace toxic ones.

To avoid getting trapped, experts advise choosing the products of a proven manufacturer. Understand the assortment of laboratory tests and advice of professionals.

Options on the market

It is only necessary to go to the children's toys store, aseyes immediately begin to scatter from the abundance of options offered. Classical behavior is expressed in two ways: "why pay more if it is all the same" and "quality product will not be cheap". In part, both statements are true, but the third is also given. It is called the golden mean.

To make an objective picture, for analysis are taken the five most common analogues of "Lego":

  • BRICK (China, 144 parts).

  • 1 TOY (China, 105 parts).

  • LIGAO (China, 170 parts).

  • COBI (Poland, 51 parts).

  • "City of Masters" (China, 190 parts).

analogue of Lego
Test designer, analog "Lego", beganRussian Institute of Consumer Testing. Experts went through the main parameters that affect the overall quality: the safety of chemical compounds, the quality of assembly of parts from the kit and their compliance instructions.

The cost of each set is approximately the same, but significantly (5-7 times) lower than the "Lego" itself.


The first thing you should pay attention to, if you decide to buy a Polish or Chinese equivalent of "Lego" - the presence of burrs and notches.

COBI, LEGO and LIGAO were pleased with the appearance.Defects were not noticed during external examination. The "City of Masters" was read by a few small burrs. Brick and 1 TOY did not differ smooth surface. A large number of roughnesses are located at the junction of parts of the part. It's impossible to break them, because they are thin. It must be carefully cut with sharp scissors, as there is a risk of damage to the surface - after the barbs the most part of the coating comes off.

At laboratory researches presence of toxic substances in designers of all manufacturers is not found out. The smell of the products is also normal. All toys comply with GOST and are allowed to use.

analogue lego constructor
The toxicity index does not exceed a 15 percent barrier, which meets the requirements.

Checking the fight

Patiently examine the details.To do this, we add the same parts in a row. All except the 1 TOY cube are the same in height and size. It is an order of magnitude longer, and the mount is different. Thus, 1 TOY is incompatible with Lego.

Try to collect. Do not forget that the designer is designed primarily for children. Therefore, not only adults but also teenagers were invited for testing.

The instruction is filed in images and written descriptions to all copies.

The analogue of "Lego" BRICK is as close as possible tooriginal. The build quality is good, but you sometimes have to make efforts when connecting parts. This is uncritical, but a small child can not do without the help of an adult. The toy is also easy to understand. Difficulties arise when detaching small parts.

The producers of COBI are too oversimplified with the instruction.There are a lot of mistakes in it, and the description itself is difficult to understand. Separate parts from each other is difficult. Some objects are conceived as moving, but do not move.

Chinese analogue of Lego

LIGAO did not disappoint expectations. The instruction is simple and understandable. The crates keep well.

"City of Masters" is the worst analogue of "Lego". There are not enough parts, the fixing is fragile for some, while others are difficult to combine.

Let's sum up the results

Fortunately, all samples do not contain toxicsubstances. Each analog has its own shortcomings, but the "City of Masters" became the undisputed leader of anti-rating. The appearance of the parts, poor fixing, complicated and incorrect instructions leave an unpleasant impression of the purchase.

Analog Lego for Girls

The cost of the sets is approximately the same, but "City of Masters" is cheaper, which affected the quality.

1 TOY differs from the mismatch of details, but this company has an analogue of "Lego" for girls, which is not the case with other manufacturers.