The drug "Fosprenil" for cats and dogs

There are veterinary drugs thathave a high degree of efficiency, have no side effects and are characterized by low cost. Practitioners allocate the following medicines: "Gamavit", "Maxidin" and "Fosprenil."

The preparation "Fosprenil" is made from woodpine needles. It is used in the treatment of serious diseases, it has antiviral and immunomodulating effect. The drug is a colorless solution without mechanical impurities.

Fosprenil for cats
Veterinary specialists say that the remedy"Fosprenil" for cats can be used for the prevention and treatment of certain diseases is much more effective than many medications. For example, an animal of any age may become infectious peritonitis, but the kittens are the most sensitive. The virus spreads throughout the body, affecting all organs, which eventually leads to death. Only preventive vaccination and the use of drugs can save an animal from an incurable disease.

Phosprenyl medicine
If there was contact with the virus carrier - medicine"Fosprenil" for cats is administered for the purpose of prevention once. At animal shows or during the epidemic, inject the drug or enter it orally. In veterinary practice, clinical cases of treatment of infectious peritonitis have been described. Within a week, the cat was treated with Fosprenil intramuscularly in the amount of 1.5 ml, and put the enema with the drug. Entered into the peritoneum also a warm mixture of the drug "Fosprinil" with saline (10:10).

Fosprenil instruction price
The drug "Fosprenil" for cats is very effectivein the treatment of influenza, calcevirosis and herpetic rhinotracheitis. When using the drug, symptomatic therapy is also performed simultaneously. Experts say that the effect of using this medication is very high. Despite the fact that the treatment regimens are enclosed in each package, symptomatic therapy is necessary. This is of great importance when the infectious disease in the cats is in severe form.

The drug "Fosprenil" for cats is well combinedwith interferons, so they can be combined in the treatment of severe infections. If the vaccine is simultaneously administered and this drug - the protective effect of the vaccine will increase. Excellent results are achieved in the prevention of diseases such as coronavirus infection and panoleukopenia.

In the treatment of severe infections, the drug"Fosprenil" is administered several times a day (3-4 times a day). In the case of improvement in the general condition, gradually reduce the amount of the drug administered or the frequency of its administration. A single dose for cats is 0.2 ml / kg, and a daily dose of 0.6-0.8 ml / kg.

Attached to each package of the drug"Fosprenil" instruction, the price of it depends on the packaging. In pharmacies are sold solutions in bottles of 2, 5, 10, 50 and 100 ml. For example, a 10 ml package costs 620 rubles.

In the description of the drug it is said that in viralit is important to begin treatment as early as possible. If the cats are ill in severe form, the treatment is carried out for 3-5 days. Practitioners use more effective methods in their early stages, making a single dose of a solution in a large dose.

Complex application of the veterinary drug "Fosprenil" accelerates the process of animal recovery.