What does alcohol dream about? A dream interpretation helps to answer this question!

About what dreams about alcohol, in detailis told in many dream books. This vision is quite interesting, especially if it was filled with various unusual details. However, today there are a lot of interpretations that will help clarify the meaning of this dream. It is worth turning to the most authoritative sources.

what does alcohol dream about

Universal dream book

В этой книге подробно рассказывается о том, к what dreams about alcohol. So, if a person saw a drink at a party or banquet - this is to the fact that soon something important will happen. And it will bring the dreamer not only money, but also universal respect. If such an event really is planned, it is worthwhile to prepare it properly.

Let's find out more in detail what and what it's dreaming:

  1. Drinking alcohol in the company of friends or comrades, as a rule, means that in the near future a person will have to make a difficult choice.
  2. Наблюдать со стороны за выпивающими знакомыми – к the adoption of a global solution that will change the life entirely. The main thing is that a person does not see how he drinks alone. Since this usually means that they will entrust him with some important business, which he will not be able to cope with.
  3. And if a person saw himself selling a booze, then in real life he would do something unusual. What he could not expect from himself.

what is it that dreams of drinking alcohol


This, perhaps, is one of the most common hot drinks. And people who are looking for what dreams of alcohol, as a rule, saw in their dream is vodka.

So, the vast majority of dream books does not givea very pleasant interpretation of this symbol. Vodka usually foretells the onset of illness or worries, from which it will not turn out in any way. If in the near future a person will be offered some dubious pleasures or activities, it would be better to refuse them, because the consequences can be unpredictable.

But there are also good explanations for this vision. If a person drinks vodka from a bucket - in a short time he will earn a large sum of money. True, it is possible that this will be done unfairly.

And what does the alcohol in the bottle dream abouta man threw it out or broke it with a noise? This is also a good sign. It indicates that a person will get rid of some bad habit or will get sick of the disease. The main thing is that the dreamer does not drink it with his second half. Especially on brotherhood. Since this usually promises parting.

 what does alcohol dream about


This hot drink is also quite oftenis in dreams. If the beer ran away from the mug, it means that a person in the near future will have to make a difficult decision. And, most likely, it will turn out to be wrong, which will entail consequences in the form of disappointments and frustrations. This is what alcohol dreams about.

In a dream, pouring beer is also not good. It would be desirable for a man to learn to control himself. Otherwise, an excessive manifestation of character provokes a quarrel with someone close and dear.

But pouring beer in mugs is good. Such a vision promises positive change. And if the beer appeared at a picnic or during a friendly feast, then you should expect success in the undertaking.

what is it that dreams of drinking alcohol

Other interpretations

This is not all that dreams of drinking alcohol.For example, if a person enjoys a hot drink known to him, then the pleasure he will experience will be short-lived. Therefore it is worthwhile to feel it as much as possible.

Drink brandy - to improve the social position in society. However, if the dreamer does not become more hardworking and critical of himself, success will be delayed for a short time.

A drink like whiskey is a harbingerdisappointments. Fruit tincture on vodka warns of serious mistakes. And the cognac seen in a dream says that it would not hurt a person to think about his health. But rum is a good sign. This drink foreshadows fun, joy and entertainment. Cider, by the way, foreshadows happiness. The main thing is that the dreamer does not watch how this drink is drunk by someone else. Otherwise, as they say in dream books, in reality it can fall under the pernicious influence of surrounding people.

Born in a dream moonshine, by the way, says that,that someone is very jealous of someone. If he succeeds in selling this strong vodka, then in the near future, an incredible success will come to the dreamer. And the alcohol that a man drank in a vision, like water, foreshadows new pleasant acquaintances.

As you can see, there is a lot of interpretation. The slightest detail of sleep is able to change the final value of vision. Therefore, it is better to remember all the little things in order to intelligently explain what you saw.