The value of the "triangle" tattoo: a deep meaning in a small picture

What is the significance of the "triangle" tattoo,interests many people. This is a small image, which is quite simple to hide. However, it is unusual, and that's why many people wonder what it can mean.

value of triangle tattoo


Before disclosing the value of the tattoo"triangle", it is worth noting that geometric shapes are very popular. And the most common is precisely this form. It is interesting that the triangle is considered one of the very first drawings made by man. Another feature - this pattern is universal. Or, as they say today, unisex. It will suit anyone. Strictly speaking, this feature is a plus. However, anyway before you go to the salon to the master, you need to find out the meaning. The "triangle" tattoo has it, despite the fact that the image is small and rather modest.

 value of triangle tattoo with eye

Individual value

The triangle tattoo for each person issomething special. So, for example, for girls this simple-looking figure, can mean something important and thoughtful. Triangle - a display of three life cycles of virtually any woman. This is girlhood, motherhood and old age. Not everyone can think of this. However, such an explanation exists for a long time, and many people are stuffing a triangle intentionally with this purpose.

For men, the figure means something else.The triangle also symbolizes the "trinity", however in this case it is not a life cycle, but a quality. To be more precise, it is wisdom, strength and beauty. By the way, it is very important, what was chosen the site for tattooing. He is able to strengthen, emphasize the meaning given. Most often, such tattoos can be seen on the wrist, forearm, or on the back of the head. These are the most popular variants of execution. But in fact a person chooses a place.

Sometimes the triangles are painted over.Color also means very much. Red symbolizes passion, black - negative, green - safety, orange - love of life. The shade can really tell about a lot, so it's necessary to choose it carefully. And, by the way, it is worth considering that on the skin the chosen color always looks 2-3 shades darker. You should know about this and select the paint with the awareness of this fact.

Special Character

It is often possible to meet quite strange and sometimesunexplained tattoo. And after this it is always interesting to know their meaning. A triangle tattoo with an eye - what, for example, does this work symbolize? This picture is a symbol of the secret society of Freemasons. Everyone heard about it, so it's not worth telling details. In addition, such a symbol is considered a mystical charm that protects a person from spirits, evil eye and dark magic. After all, in fact, such a tattoo depicts an all-seeing eye.

value of triangle tattoo with line

Other options

There is another popular tattoo.Many people are interested in knowing its meaning. A triangle tattoo with a line is perhaps as popular as in the case of the all-seeing eye. It is important to note one nuance. Lines can be different. And each has its own meaning. Zigzag, for example, is associated with a snake, lightning, thunder. All this is a symbol of something massive, unforeseen.

But if the line crosses the triangle in halfhorizontally, this is something more interesting. Such a tattoo symbolizes the feminine and masculine beginnings. And the origin of this symbol goes deep into history. And if the figure is divided into two lines in a vertical direction, it is a symbol of balance, tranquility, rationality.

As you can see, the values ​​are quite interesting. So sometimes small, even unremarkable tattoos can mean something profound and philosophical.