Vodka Kremlin: description and reviews

What Russian feast does without vodka?This drink becomes a regular guest for the New Year, for May holidays or any other solemn events. In this article vodka Kremlin will be considered. You will find out what kind of reviews and features this product has. Also find out how much one bottle of this drink costs.

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Vodka Kremlin

This drink is elite. It is made taking into account all sanitary norms and requirements. The basis of the product is artesian water, which previously passes six stages of purification.

It should be noted that vodka Kremlinis made by one of the most popular and elite factories under the name "Crystal". Many popular people prefer this drink at celebrations and open events.

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Vodka Kremlin: customer reviews

This product has conflicting reviews.However, the only drawback of the product, judging by the comments of consumers, is its fairly high cost. So, one bottle in volume of half-liter will cost you in the amount from 1200 to 1600 rubles. It all depends on where you get the drink.

Most reviews of this alcohol arepositive. So, consumers say that vodka is drunk rather easily and does not have a bitter aftertaste. Despite its clear alcoholic aroma, the drink has a rye taste. A few minutes after eating, a person may feel a slight bitterness. All this is a feature of vodka and distinguishes it from analogues.

Vodka Kremlin practically never causeshangover syndrome. The exception is only those cases when a person used a large amount of this product in a short time. The drink is ideal for any table and for every company.

Where to buy the goods?

If you decide to try this product, thenYou can buy it in elite stores or large supermarkets. Always pay attention to the price. The real vodka Kremlin will never cost less than 1000 rubles per bottle. If you are faced with cheap products, then, most likely, it is a fake. Avoid such outlets. Otherwise, you may encounter very unpleasant symptoms of hangover on the day after the feast.

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Small summing up

Remember that alcohol is destructiveaffects the liver, brain and other human organs. Persons under 18 years of age are strictly forbidden to use such a product. Drink vodka with the mind, have a snack and always be healthy!