Vodka "Air": you drink as you breathe!

Assortment of alcoholic beverages in Russianshops are full of variety of brands, bottles, design and various marketing chips. How to anticipate a favorable purchase in appearance? And is it always worth paying attention to advertising tricks? Today we will get acquainted with the unusual vodka "Air". And what distinguishes it from other similar products, you can learn from the article.

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Manufacture of vodka on new technology

The Ukrainian holding "Bayadera Group" released inend of 2015 a new product, which immediately attracted interest. The uniqueness of the vodka "Air" consisted in outstanding ease in taste, which clearly stood out among the rest of the drink.

This quality was achieved by the newesttechnology: aeration (oxygen saturation) of the drink. What does it look like? From a height of three meters there is a fall of the vapors into a special container. After blending, the liquid is "resting" for 14 days and "breathing" with oxygen. After this time the producer of vodka "Vozduh" starts to pour a strong drink on bottles.

But here it is worth noting that such technologyIt was first used by Bordeaux winemakers in the early 20th century. This is what about aeration. If we talk about the moment of "rest" of vodka, then the Soviet-era GOST for the production of such drinks meant a certain period of adaptation of water and alcohol before bottling. Therefore, "the latest technology" in fact, is "well forgotten old."

"Air" marketing

Special technology "vodka waterfall" pushedmanufacturer on the logical name of the product. As befits in this case, the bottle is made of transparent glass, and the letters in the name "AIR" are cut from the paper field. From what creates a feeling of "airiness" in the name. The container itself resembles an oxygen cylinder with a blown plastic stopper in the form of a valve.

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But this is the marketing move of the Ukrainian holdingdoes not end. Under the name on the label large and "transparent" letters, a playful inscription: "you drink, as you breathe." Does not that attract the eye? It was for this that the stake was set: to increase and win the target audience as much as possible. In figures - this is 10% of the whole market of alcoholic beverages in Ukraine.

In this inscription was laid the main leitmotif, meaning that vodka "Air" is easy in all senses (it is easy to drink and without a hangover). The manufacturer even indicates this term on the label.

Composition and taste of alcoholic beverage

The composition of the "hot liquid" includes the following components: drinking water, rectified ethyl alcohol "Lux" (from food raw materials), sugar, lime spirit, blackcurrant alcohol.

Vodka "Air" has softness in taste not onlythanks to the aeration of the drink. Basically, this merit of aromatic alcohols from lime flowers and black currant berries. So they act in the role of "softener" alcohol part of the drink. The first sensation from vodka is not aggressive, there is a sweet nut, bread and alcohol. With a smooth overflow of taste, berry notes of raspberry and currant appear. The aftertaste has an alcoholic finish, but moderately tart, preserving the berry trail. Experts interpret the smell of alcohol of this brand, as frosty, clean and fresh.

Here it is worth noting that Vodka "Air" is notis a flavoring. It only contains subtle notes of the above components. The experts' tasting evaluation for taste was approximated to the maximum value - 9.6 points out of 10.

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Customer feedback on vodka products

Certainly, alcohol harms health, as itapproves the Ministry of Health and the experience of any adult. But reviews about vodka "Air" can be found, in most cases, positive. Buyers consider this product to be of high quality, with excellent taste characteristics.

Despite the sufficient strength of the drink in 40degrees, the "goods" of the Ukrainian holding are easy to drink and pleasantly to have a snack. Typical alcohol aftertaste, in the usual sense, is absent. There are no extraneous smells from vodka. With a moderate use of alcohol, the next day does not hurt the head, and there is no serious condition.

In the reviews about vodka "Vozduh" by many consumerswas marked by a marketing campaign, thanks to which the first acquaintance with Ukrainian products took place. A simple but memorable design, the shape of the bottle and the inscription on the label highlighted this alcohol among the rest of the drinks.

Proceeding from the foregoing, it can be argued thatthis alcoholic product is worthy of many consumer indicators. And this means that the goal (to win 1/10 of the market) was at least ambitious, but justified and has the prospect of achievement.

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Today we got acquainted with unusual vodkaUkrainian producer: they found out the composition of the marketing campaign, and most importantly - customer feedback. Slogan of vodka "Air": "you drink as you breathe" is not only an interesting idea of ​​advertising specialists, but also reflects the lightness and quality of vodka products.