Vodka "Bulbash" - excellent Belarusian alcohol

More recently, new vodka "Bulbash" appeared on the shelves of Russian stores. This product produced a good impression both for professionals and ordinary buyers.

Interesting details

Not far from Minsk, in the vicinity of the ancientBelarusian town of Zaslavl, in 2003 a wine grape plant with the poetic name "Dionysus" was opened. The name of the epic god of winemaking was given to him not accidentally. In addition to hundreds of different names of wines from the company's production departments, stronger products are also coming to the store shelves, among which Bulybaş vodka is not the last.

vodka bulbash

Under this brand since 2004, the factory producesalso various tinctures, and even balsams. But buyers most of all fell in love with vodka "Bulbash". Perhaps this is because for its production only the best quality spirits and pure water are taken. And to give an unusual taste and aroma, the technology provides for the use of exclusively natural fruits and berries. Vodka Bulbash is produced using modern equipment of Italian production, and raw materials come directly from Moldova and some European countries.

Customer Reviews

The company "Dionysus" sends its products to thedifferent countries of the world: Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Germany and Israel. And in each of them are those who really like the vodka "Bulbash". Reviews of ordinary people, as a rule, are based on personal experience. Many people say that the product is being drunk very easily. Perhaps, this is the merit of the technologists who decided to use silver filters for cleaning. In addition to being free of mechanical impurities, they give the drink an extra softness, which is so lacking in any strong product.

vodka bulbash reviews

Advantages of new vodka are noted andqualified specialists. The products have repeatedly participated in various exhibitions and tastings. Some samples even became winners of international competitions. For example, in 2009 at the international contest International Spirits Challenge, held in London, vodka called "Bulbash on birch leaves" received one of three honorary medals. And this in itself already says a lot about the product.

Rich assortment

Belarusian vodka "Bulbash" is represented on the Russian market by five different types:

1) Clubber. Perfect for preparing various cocktails.

2) "Special". A successful combination of the aroma of raisins and honey with oat flakes.

3) "Bread".

4) "Bread Suite".

5) "Birch leaves". The resinous fragrance of lime color is complemented by a note of raisins and the enveloping tenderness of sugar syrup.

A variety of choices are also achieved by filling in 0.5 and 0.7 liter containers. The optimal size allows you to calculate the purchase for any occasion.

Belarusian vodka bulbash

In addition, there are very small0.2 and 0.1 liters. Such a bottle can be taken on the road in order to pleasantly pass the time in the company of unfamiliar fellow travelers. Belarusian products in the shops of Russia have a fairly democratic price:

  • 0,7 liters - 530 rubles,
  • 0,5 liters - 400-500 rubles,
  • 0,2 liters - 180 rubles,
  • 0,1 liter - 80 rubles.

This range is quite acceptable for an ordinary buyer. And among other things you need to take into account the quality and status of the goods.

Single copy

According to experts, one of the best representatives of the Dionis company's products in its group is Bulbash Osobaya vodka.

vodka bulbash special

In its recipe, in addition to artesian water andEthyl alcohol Lux includes infusions of raisins, sugar, natural honey and oatmeal. This makes the taste of the product more mild and not quite familiar. Sweetish shades successfully supplement the delicate vodka aroma. Vodka is drunk easily, without burning the throat and leaving an unpleasant alcohol aftertaste. It with equal success can be used both as an aperitif for maintaining a pleasant conversation, and a digestive for a plentiful meal. Removing the cork, immediately feels that the product is made from quality raw materials, since the bottle does not have such a sharp unpleasant odor, as is usually the case with other products. Yes, and a spectacular bottle with a relief inscription does not allow for forgery. By all indicators, it is clear that the product is not for nothing that takes a leading position among the entire rich assortment of the new popular brand.