Vodka "Posolskaya". Composition, production, price

"Nothing superfluous" - this principle has always been used by the manufacturer when the "Posolskaya" vodka was produced. He uses the principle and now, and it is for this product that the modern consumer values.

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Vodka in Russia was always consumed, suppliedit is produced by many manufacturers and in large quantities. Therefore, the "Ambassadorial" vodka, released in 1973, did not have a special furor. It was positioned immediately as a luxury luxury product, and from the first day only special milk cleaning was used for it.

At the Kristall-Lefortovo plant, noonly this vodka, the enterprise has produced many famous brands, and for each a special cleaning method is used. This is what distinguishes a good product - the minimum content of fusel oils and other substances that adversely affect the body. After such vodka the head does not hurt, it is easily and gently drunk, has a pleasant taste and, of course, for all these dignities is in great demand among the people.

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Product Description

The producer points out that the vodka "Posolskaya"includes in its composition exclusively pure ethanol, produced from specially prepared raw materials, and water, only pure filtered. The most important feature of this product is its high-quality cleaning. Such a result can really be proud of, and vodka has not lost its position and to this day remains unchanged in taste and ingredients.

The essence of this cleaning is simple:Milk protein, getting into alcohol, folds and binds most of the harmful substances. After it is filtered out and removed with them, providing a soft, but very effective cleaning. There is an opinion that the vodka "Posolskaya" does not require a special snack due to the complete absence of an unpleasant aftertaste.

Luxurious vodka

Particular attention is paid by the manufacturerpurification of alcohols. It indicates that it is not limited to milk filtration alone. The product, in order to reach its high level, after it passes six more stages of special cleaning, for many years of operation of the enterprise by the most thoughtful and improved its technologists. Alcohol is passed through sand, quartz, coal and it gets to the table to the consumer in a completely different, high-quality form. On the luxury of the product can tell and the high demand for it. In Azerbaijan, Armenia, Latvia, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Serbia and Montenegro vodka "Posolskaya" is in great demand. The price for it varies between two hundred to three hundred rubles. And it has been produced for more than forty years.

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The product has received many awards for its fidelitytraditions and compliance with the necessary standards. So, in 2012 he was awarded the high title of Best Vodka 2012. Tasters of the whole world evaluated vodka for taste and quality and as a result decided that it deserved only a gold medal. There are a lot of reviews about the drink, and all of them boil down to one: "Posolskaya" is pleasantly drinkable, looks dignified and has a pleasant price.