Cooking manna bitovki

Manna bitovki

Manna porridge is one of the most classicchildren's dishes, but not all kids love to eat it. And sometimes even the most uncomfortable simply do not eat up their dinner. What to do with the remnants. Of course, delicious little bits of semolina. This dish has several options that will appeal to both children and adults.

Classic semolina beads

To prepare five servings you will needa glass of semolina, two hundred grams of milk and the same amount of water, thirty grams of granulated sugar, an egg, salt, fifty grams of margarine, fifty grams of breadcrumbs. For the sauce, anything can be suitable: from sour cream to jam. If you already have a ready-made cereal, use it. If you want to make manna bits from scratch, boil the milk with water, season with salt and add sugar. Put the rump and cook, stirring occasionally until the porridge becomes thick. Wait for it to cool, beat the egg and mix. Blind the little bits, roll each in breading and fry in a frying pan in vegetable oil. You can serve to the table! Especially delicious will eat this dish with melted butter, jam, sweet sauce or sour cream.

Manic beads with an acidic gravy

Dumbbells from semolina porridge
This dish assumes an original combinationtaste of manga and fruit jelly. Preparation of semolina bits will require the following products: half a liter of milk, a glass of cereals, a pair of chicken eggs, salt, sugar, vanilla, vegetable oil, two tablespoons of starch, two liters of water, any jam or jam to your taste. Cook a very thick and thick porridge on the milk. You can also use the remaining supplies. When the porridge becomes cold, beat the eggs in it, add sugar, salt, vanilla and mix. Stick out the little crochet. To prevent the dough sticking too hard to the fingers during molding, wet your hands before cooking. Preheat the frying pan and fry the crockery in vegetable oil. Separately, prepare the sauce jelly. Dilute the chosen jam with water, boil the resulting mixture and strain it from the pulp with a strainer. Add a little water to the starch and gently mix until a viscous homogeneous mass is obtained. Pour in the prepared fruit compote the diluted starch and cook on low heat until thick. Carefully mix to keep lumps in the jelly. Before serving, pour the prepared manna bits with a slightly cooled fruit jelly. In this form, small sweet tooth will necessarily like a manga, even if they do not want porridge categorically.

Preparation of semolina bites
Spicy manna bitovki

This option can be fed and the father of the family.A fragrant combination with cheese makes these cushions very nutritious and tasty. Take half a liter of milk, one hundred and fifty grams of semolina, one hundred grams of butter, one hundred and fifty grams of hard cheese and two hundred grams of sausage, two eggs, cumin, salt. Cook the semolina, cool and add salt with butter. Mix everything gently, grate the cheese and add it to the mixture. Stuff eggs there, put in cumin, stir, pepper and leave for a couple of hours in the fridge. Vlepite bits, put on a baking sheet, oiled, and on top, put a mug of sausage cheese. Send for twenty minutes in the oven, heated to 180. Baked to a golden crust little bit ready to serve on the table!