Ribbons: recipe with photo

Rice as a side dish is consumed by many people.It often becomes a component of soups; such croup goes to cabbage rolls and meatballs. However, this range of application of rice is something very limited and flawed. Rice is capable of more! Take note of at least little bits of rice, which will replace a full breakfast or dinner, can be a gorgeous side dish, a wonderful treat or a quality snack for children.

The main thing that you need to remember,preparation: the friable long-grain rice we value here is not good. We need to take sticky varieties: round, crushed, Japanese, destined for sushi. If nothing is suitable and too lazy to go to the store - get a coffee grinder or combine and turn crumbly croup into crushed.

rice crayons

Rice-meat beads

First, consider a non-desert version.It is quite suitable as a second course for dinner, and as a pleasant breakfast, and for dinner will not be superfluous. Cooking meat ribbons. The recipe requires to start boiling half a glass of the right rice and chop (but you can grind) a third of a kilogram of meat, preferably two kinds. A small onion, a bunch of parsley and two cloves of garlic are ground and mixed with minced meat. There are also added two raw yolks, salt and peppers - ground black and the same chili. Meat is connected with rice; the breadcrumbs are poured in such quantity that the forcemeat is not too lime to the hands. After kneading balls are made from it and fried from all sides in lean oil. With ketchup or soy sauce - just delicious!

rice beads

Rice with fish

One more rice beads, able to become a favoritebreakfast. In addition, they can be eaten in fasting, when fish are allowed. Suitable for any sea, including frozen, for example, pollock or hake. The carcass is cut with slices and passed through a blender with half a raw onion. The second half is finely shredded, sawn and combined with boiled rice. Both masses mix; if you do not fast, an egg is stuck in the stuffing. If you fast, you rub one raw or two boiled potatoes into it. The minced meat is salted and peppered, balls are rolled from it, crumbled in breading and fried: first to a crisp crust, then you can put it under the lid.

Vegetables with rice

Especially delicious as a side dish.However, they are also remarkable in their own form, if you refrain from meat. And grape is better to take a brown variety. It will need half a cup, cooked according to the instructions.

A large fleshy red pepper is cut into smallsquares. Onion and cilantro finely chopped; greens mixed with pepper, rice and canned corn, two eggs are hammered, the mass is seasoned and mixed. In it for greater adhesion, a couple of spoons of flour are poured in, the forcemeat is once again mixed.

Cutlets do not have to be sculpted:the mass is spread out with a spoon on a hot skillet with butter, like pancakes, just a slide. After frying, rice bits with vegetables for a short time are laid out on a paper napkin, so that the glass is excess oil. As a gravy, sour cream is especially important.

rice crayons recipe with a photo

Rice-mushroom beans

In no way can you ignore such a component as champignons. Rice little bits with them turn out amazing, and special troubles in preparation do not deliver.

Two glasses of cooked rice are roastedTwo hundred grams of chopped mushrooms with a chopped onion. Roast is combined with porridge, there are two steep eggs cut. Salt, spices, pepper - at your discretion. From the received stuffing rolls rice with mushrooms roll down, fall in a flour and are fried. It turns out gently and deliciously.

Vanilla sauce for bites

Let's move on to dessert recipes.In principle, if bits of rice porridge are not supplemented with meat and vegetables, but simply pour on jam, you will already get a good treat. But in order to attract the attention of children, it is better to try a little.

Half a glass of rice in a glass of water is cooked a thirdhour, then it is left on the quietest fire - for thickening and pre-emption. When the porridge cools, a spoonful of sugar is poured into it, an egg is hammered, balls are pelleted, breaded in flour or breadcrumbs and quickly fried in lean oil.

The main thing in this dish is the sauce.For him half a glass of sugar is carefully rubbed with two yolks and a spoonful of flour. After achieving a pasty state, pour a half cup of milk and cook with incessant stirring until it boils. After straining in the sauce, half the sachet of vanillin dissolves, and the aromatic dressing pours out onto the rice balls. Make more sauce, so that no one complains that it was not enough for some bits.

rice casserole

Cottage cheese and rice delicacy

Even more airy little bits of rice, if they complement cottage cheese. Half a glass of porridge will require the same amount of the second product.

To achieve a gentle consistency, curd is betterrub through a colander or crank the meat grinder a couple of times. After that, an egg is hammered into it, a spoonful of sugar is poured (you can powder), and the mass is mixed. When it becomes smooth, a porridge is introduced, previously flavored with butter and chilled. Curd-rice beads are formed, crumbled in flour and roasted. Please note that the mass is very airy. That at eating there was no conflict between gentle "insides" and a rough crust, it is necessary to fry on silent fire.

Rice croissants with coconut

rice cake ribbons

Buy a natural nut today is not at all a problem.True, with its cutting, you will have to suffer a little, but the gratitude of your children will not know the boundaries. A glass of cereals is washed, a quarter of the coconut is rubbed, both ingredients are mixed and poured into three glasses of water. The resulting mixture is put on a slow fire and quietly boiled until the water boils, and the rice will become soft.

Before removing from the plate, a little salt is poured in andsugar - as much as your home loves. While the porridge is cold, the berries are washed with an acidic taste - blueberries, cherries or cranberries. Completely suitable frozen. From the "stuffing" balls are put together, in each of them is put on a berry, rice bits are breaded in flour and fried. You can water any sweetness - syrup, jam, kissel. Unless the condensed milk is not very harmonious.

Pamper your children - cook them with sweet rice bits. The recipe (with a photo) will help you make them not only tasty, but also very appetizing in appearance.