Vodka "Belenkaya": Secrets of popularity

Vodka "Belenkaya" is a unique product,production of which is the priority direction of the company. The brand is very popular both among ordinary consumers and among connoisseurs of alcohol. This vodka enjoys considerable demand not only in our country, but also abroad. Such popularity is associated with high standards and production technologies, which significantly exceed the requirements set by GOST. In addition, it is worth noting that for 15 years of operation the manufacturer has never failed its consumer. He always supplied him with quality, environmentally friendly and safe products at a reasonable cost.

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About production and plans

Vodka is distinguished by a special, soft and tart taste,which is possible due to a long and deep cleaning through a 13-meter filter, working on a coal base. The centuries-old traditions and experience of domestic manufacturers, innovative technologies and equipment, constant monitoring allow producing high quality alcohol. Vodka "Belenkaya", the price of which is available to everyone, is in great demand among buyers.

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Today, due to the ever growing demand foralcohol, the manufacturer seeks to improve and strengthen the brand "Belenkaya" in order to create better and premium products that will significantly increase the income and credibility of the supplier. The number one task is the possibility of exporting to the CIS countries, the states of Europe, America and Asia. Vodka "Belenkaya" (manufacturer - Synergy) is one of the most popular in Russia, and all because the firm properly refers to the production process.

Ruler of tastes

The product has four unique tastes in its line:

1. Vodka "Belenkaya Classical". Stable, tart and unique taste of strong alcohol.
2. "Belenkaya Lux". Deeper cleaning and minimizing the use of fusel oils make the taste much softer.
3. "Belenkaya Zolotaya". The amount of fusel oil is reduced to a minimum, due to which there is no bitterness and alcohol aftertaste.
4. Vodka "White Cedar". Soft, has a rich flavor and cedar aftertaste.

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In the production of all the above typesthere are many years of technology, traditions and pure alcohol, water from natural sources and multi-level cleaning through a carbon filter are preserved. Vodka "Belenkaya" reviews have only positive. Buyers note its quality, excellent taste and reasonable cost.

Product and packaging

The manufacturer is always honest with the consumer, forthe account of which it is possible to maintain confidence in the products. Each of the bottles displays not only the composition, but also the presence of impurities. This is a unique characteristic, which was declared only by the producer of vodka "Belenkaya".

Each bottle undergoes a rigorous test,It consists of 9 steps - this is indicated by the corresponding label on the bottle. Due to this control, it is possible to comply with all quality standards, guarantee environmental friendliness, safety and declared taste characteristics. It is worth noting that vodka is a product that is better to drink chilled. It was for this purpose that a special thermal element was placed on each bottle, which shows when the temperature of the alcohol fell below +10 degrees.

New design

The company does not stand still and is expandingproduction capacity. That is why the cooperation with the company "Synergy" was established, which allowed to start production at another factory near Moscow - "Traditions of Quality". The result is a new bottle shape that has a more aesthetic and delicate yet modern design. The consumer appreciates this, as well as a new degree of protection against counterfeit - a relief logo placed on each bottle.

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The bottle cap is also unique:such a design was not used before by any of the domestic manufacturers. Also each container has 4 labels showing the name and composition of the product, as well as a thermal indicator that will allow monitoring the cooling of the drink. At temperatures below +10 degrees, the label will turn red.

The design did not reduce the quality

The design improvement did not affectchange in demand for a product. After all, the quality and performance did not change and still exceed all requirements of GOST several times, which indicates the previous high quality of alcohol and perfect technological equipment of production. The new factory produces more than 12,000 bottles per hour. All processes are fully automated.

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"Quality is higher than GOST" - manufacturer's principlethis kind of vodka. Its preservation is provided by constant modernization and control of all technological processes. Due to this, demand continues to grow and even in the most critical times. Especially popular vodka "Belenkaya" 0.5 liters.

Keeping the tradition of quality, keeping pace withtime, improving the appearance of products and improving its taste characteristics, the Mariinsky Distillery meets the demands of even the most demanding and fastidious consumers, and the demand for its products year after year only increases.


Vodka "Belenkaya" is one of the mostcommon in Russia. This demand is due to the excellent quality of the drink and excellent taste. Vodka "Belenkaya", the price of which is reasonable and objective, is becoming more and more popular every year. The cost of one bottle of 0.5 liters is from 300 to 500 rubles. Due to this, anyone can get first-class vodka at an affordable price.