Crab salad, a recipe for delicious croissants

Crab sticks have become a familiar product onour desk. Most of them prepare salads. When there is absolutely no time to prepare complex dishes, crab sticks will come to the rescue, their salads are cooked quickly, and they are very tasty. I bring to your attention a few simple salads with crab sticks, which will be appreciated by your family and friends.

Crab salad, recipe with corn

Necessary products: packing of crab sticks, 3-4 eggs, a can of canned corn, 150-200 g of hard cheese, half of a head of onions, mayonnaise for refueling.

Preparation: Boil eggs and cut into cubes.Cubes cut also crab sticks, and chop the onion. Cheese grate on a grater (better large). Canned corn in a colander. All the ingredients put in a bowl, mix and season with mayonnaise.

Crab salad, recipe with rice

Necessary products: half a glass of rice, a packet of crab sticks (250 g), 3 eggs, 3 pickled cucumbers, 1 onion and 1 clove of garlic, salt, pepper, mayonnaise.

Preparation:For a couple of hours before cooking lettuce rice is best dipped, and then boil, not turning it into a mess. Eggs, cucumber and crab sticks cut into cubes, chop the onions, pour out the corn from the corn. Mix the boiled rice with all the other products, mix well, add crushed garlic cloves and season with mayonnaise. If desired, the salad can be salted and peppered.

Crab salad, recipe with mushrooms

Despite the fact that the salad consists of a minimum number of products, it turns out to be quite tasty.

Necessary products: a pack of crab sticks (250 g), 500 g fresh champignons, green onions, 1 tbsp butter, 1 tbsp vegetable oil.

Preparation:mushrooms cut into plates and fry in a frying pan along with vegetable and butter. We need to ensure that the mushrooms are not overcooked. Crab sticks cut into cubes, green onion finely chopped. All the ingredients are mixed and dressed with mayonnaise.

Crab salad, recipe with cucumbers and tomatoes

Necessary products: crab sticks, 2 small cucumbers, 2 medium tomatoes, 3-4 eggs, mayonnaise, greens.

Preparation: Cut the ingredients into cubes, chop the greens. Salad dressing with mayonnaise.

Crab salad, recipe with sea kale and squid

Necessary products: packing of crab sticks, 500 grams of squid, 1 glass of rice, canned corn, 150 g of sea kale, mayonnaise.

Preparation: Boil rice. Squid clean, cook and cut. Crab sticks cut into cubes, mix with all products and season with mayonnaise. To taste, you can add salt and pepper.

Crab beads

Recipes for crab sticks are not limited to salads alone. For example, crab sticks are very tasty. They are prepared this way:

Necessary products: 200 g crab sticks, 200 grams of hard cheese, 2 eggs, a clove of garlic, flour.

Preparation:take frozen crab sticks and grate on a fine grater (or grind in a blender). Cheese also grate, chop or grind through a press. Mix all ingredients and mix well. From the received mass to make little bits, roll in flour and fry in a pre-heated frying pan with vegetable oil until ready.

There is a large number of very diversedishes from crab sticks. And to make the dishes really delicious, you need to be very responsible for buying crab sticks. To do this, you should always study the composition: any crab sticks must necessarily consist of minced fish surimi. If it is not there, then it is best to refuse the purchase of the product.