How to make money on "Yandex.Music": Myths and Reality

Today, there are manyvarious ways of earning. For example, you can perform various tasks, open your own business or create advertising platforms. While Yandex.Music is a little-known method, you can make money in two ways: by means of a special system through viewing advertising or, if you are a musician, thanks to donations from listeners through the pages of your releases. Let's look at each type of earnings separately and figure out what kind of service it is.


Today, there is a wide range of services forlistening to the tracks of your favorite artists. Did not pass this area and the largest portal of the Russian Internet - "Yandex", creating a service system "Music", which works on any device with different operating systems. All you need to listen to audio recordings is an Internet connection.

how to make money on Yandex

On the main page of the service are locatedrecommendations are individually for you, there is also a switching by genre. The service, before you understand how to make money on "Yandex.Music", will require you to enter the login and password from your mailbox on this portal.

Musical compositions can be found throughsearch line, they are divided into genres, artists, albums. The service has the ability to create playlists and save audio recordings to your hard drive.

How to make money on "Yandex.Music" by listening to tracks

If you search the vast expanses of the Russian Internet,then two paid systems of this type are proposed. They help you figure out how to make money on Yandex.Music, by providing certain ways to view advertisements while listening to audio recordings or by transferring an audio track to a text document. This niche is still poorly understood, and two courses are offered - from Yana Sorokina and "YandexMusic 2.0". Both services assume payment for their use and look very doubtful. That is why we can assume that if you do not know how to make money on Yandex.Music, then most likely, other users of the service do not know this, because it is impossible.

Earnings for the performer

If you are a musician and release your ownaudio albums, it does not matter what genre, whether it's rap or electronic tracks, you have the opportunity to place your release on the service "Yandeks.Muzyka." How to make money by listening to music by listeners, if you are its author? There are several ways, let's look at them.

yandex music make money

First, if the listener has entered the pageyour album on the service, then he will see the button of donations for the performer. Money sent to the system will come to your wallet. In this case, after placing the release, you must create a purse "Yandex.Money", so that the funds you can transfer to the card.

The second type of earnings is the holding of one's ownconcerts. This can be done after you have gained popularity through the service "Music" on the portal "Yandex". Of course, here it is important to give time to your PR, organization of performances, joint work with popular performers.

Brand Promotion

Yandex music how to make money on listening to music

You can get money for a musician and othersmeans. Another way to earn a performer is to advertise various products in your tracks. But there are pitfalls: not all albums can get into the service, and it's also very difficult to find advertisers who will pay for mentioning their brand in the song text. Examples of such songs are: Flesh Smile - "Pepsi Cola", Oxxxymiron & LSP - "Madness", Pharaoh & Buleavard depo - "5 minutes ago". In these three rap tracks mention certain brands of goods, which, apparently, paid for it.