Polyamide - fabric

Polyamide - a fabric of synthetic fibersorigin, resulting from the interaction of various solutions and polyamide alloys. Most often for the production of such a material, polyamides, which are aliphatic, are used.

polyamide cloth
The release of a variety of fabrics on a polyamide basis was established as early as the late 1960s. Already in those years, the tissues were saturated with various flavors and gave them a very high thermal stability.

Nowadays, products from this fabric are usedit is very popular all over the world, because its properties help clothes to keep a beautiful look for a long time. Among all the advantages, one can especially emphasize good air permeability. Polyamide - a fabric used more often for the manufacture of sportswear, because such things are strong, light and soft.

In order for a polyamide fabric to meet certain requirements, it is manufactured using a specially developed technology that includes three stages:

  1. Formation of the fibers themselves.
  2. Synthesis of polymer.
  3. Textile processing.

polyamide fabric properties

Polyamide - fabric: properties

Among the special characteristics of polymeric tissuewe can note the high tensile strength or other impact loads, as well as wear resistance. Polyamide - the fabric is very resistant to the effects of any chemical or biochemical reagents. It does not lose its properties when exposed to a temperature of 80 to 150 degrees, which is quite different from some other types of fabrics. Various stabilizers, which are used in the production of polyamide fibers, serve as guarantors for the high quality of the products manufactured. Each such fiber has an increased sensitivity to electrical influences (for example, static). Therefore, polyamide - a fabric that loses its stability before the thermal oxidative action, as well as light radiation (ultraviolet radiation). To correct such drawbacks, special stabilizers are introduced into the composition of the material.

Fabric polyamide is very much in demand in the manufacture of goods for

fabric polyamide
wide consumption, such as:rubber products, ropes, fishing tackle, filtering materials and so on. Textured yarns, which in their origin are part of a polyamide fabric, are also in great demand.

Now polyamide yarn is produced in the form of continuous coils or staple fibers, which in different countries are called differently.

Of course, there should always be certaintechnical rules during operation, so that the polyamide fabric does not lose its qualities. For example, it can be washed in an automatic machine, but observing the maximum temperature regime of 40 degrees Celsius. The regime of pressing and drying in special devices should be avoided. After washing, the polyamide fabric will dry itself in a short time, which is a good property of the material. To iron things in which added polyamide fibers, you need at the lowest warm-up and without steam.