"Expert opinion": feedback from participants, project description and features

Paid surveys are a popular method of earning inNetworks for beginners. Usually, it is advised to those who want only to make sure that you can really earn money by completing the questionnaires. On the web, you can find a variety of questionnaires. These are sites that offer to pay for user-filled questionnaires to some extent. For example, some people quite often recommend looking at the "Expert opinion" service. Reviews about this resource are to be found further. Is this a good way to earn money? Does hosting really pay? Are users satisfied with the cooperation with this site? And what in general should a person know who wants to earn on the questionnaire "Expert opinion"? Do not believe all the reviews - among them there is often a deception. But the true essence of the proposal can still be understood from the opinions left on the World Wide Web about the "Expert Opinion" service.

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What is this site?It has already been said - this is a service that offers users to pass paid surveys. That is, for the completion of certain questionnaires, a certain amount of money is paid. When the minimum payout threshold is reached, you can withdraw from the system of the questionnaire and then cash out.

Nothing difficult to understand.For their activities in general, "Expert opinion" reviews are good. Users clearly understand what they will have to do. No deception, no extra strange or non-standard tasks. Just what you need to get acquainted with earnings on paid surveys.

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What's next?It is worth paying attention to some features of this site. Maybe you do not need to work with this questionnaire? Some users note that modern sites with paid surveys and questionnaires sometimes charge a registration fee. And this fact repels them.

За регистрацию "Экспертное мнение" отзывы receives mostly positive. Joining the project is completely free. Just a few minutes - and you can start earning without much trouble. Even no personal information is required. Just enter your email and come up with a password to log in. Then the account is confirmed and the profile is filled in on the site. Simply and easily!

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The distinctive feature"Expert opinion" is the possibility of authorization through social networks. For example, through "VKontakte" or "Classmates". Not too often, but this function is used. So, this service is not a fraud.

Additional income

The project "Expert opinion" reviews positivecharacter receives also for his additional means of earning. The fact is that users note the presence of a referral system. It allows you to receive additional passive income. It is enough simply to attract new participants to the system.

It is also emphasized that it is due to thesuch a reception can be well earned on the project. If you use only the completion of questionnaires and surveys, then you will not get big money on the service. But the referral program fixes the situation for the better.

At the moment, none of the registeredreferral links did not complain about the hosting of the "Expert Opinion". Reviews this site receives, as already said, mostly positive. If you master the system of charging money for invited participants, then the questionnaire brings a good profit.

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Design of the page

Distributes the site "Expert opinion" paid surveysto all who registered in the system. Some doubt that the service really pays. All of the above is a promise. You can make sure only that you do not have to pay for registration on the hosting.

Многие подчеркивают то, что дизайн страницы "Expert opinion" is not particularly credible. Too many graphic components, a minimum of information that can be useful to novice users.

However, the design of the pages of the site "Expertopinion "does not look like a template, which means that there are all chances that hosting actually works and is not a fraudulent resource." There are no significant complaints about the design, but some emphasize that at the very beginning it is repelled by the abundance of graphics and the lack of clear answers to those or other questions regarding cooperation with the questionnaire.

Withdrawals of money

"Expert opinion" reviews different types of receives. There are both positive and negative opinions. What about the withdrawal of funds from the system?

This component causes ambiguousfeelings and sensations. The fact is that the site has a minimum for output - 500 rubles. Users complain that it is often difficult to type this amount. Nevertheless, you can really get it out.

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This means that the "Expert Opinion" (questionnaire)reviews of a good type are received for a reason. The project really works and pays. In confirmation of the efficiency of the system, some even post photos of checks on the transfer of funds.

Negative is also the expectation of cashmeans. Quite often, the conclusion is delayed for several weeks. Therefore, in order to avoid any problems, you should simply make an application for cash withdrawal in advance.

Duration of work

"Expert opinion" reviews the project participants earn ambiguous. Yes, hosting is not a fraud, it really pays. But some pushes away the time spent working with surveys.

On average, it takes about 40 minutes for one questionnaire.But many round off this indicator to an hour. The cost of one survey can vary. It varies between 30 and 400 rubles. Therefore, some customer opinions indicate that earnings and expenses for filling out the questionnaires are not comparable. And to earn here without a referral program "normal" money will not work out in any way.

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If someone thinks about joining the project, it is worth considering - the work on the site will take a lot of time. But no significant skills from the user will not be required.


"Expert opinion" is a relatively new site.In some, it still does not inspire confidence. Nevertheless, due to its stable and conscientious work, this project occupies high positions in the ranking of popular questionnaires on the Web.

At the moment, "Expert opinion" is included in thethe top ten projects that have proved their effectiveness. So, you can trust the service. The level of user confidence is growing every day. Although dissatisfied participants also meet. And this is normal. All income projects have advantages and disadvantages.

Made in Russia

By the way, among the positive sides it is still possibleto allocate that "Expert opinion" is a Russian service. It functions only in the territory of the Russian Federation. This feature is often emphasized as a positive side.

As practice shows, work with questionnairesforeign sites do not always succeed. Now with the withdrawal of the money is wrong, then with questionnaires. The hosting "Expert opinion" has no such problems. Residents of Russia have the right to participate in the project without any problems.

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Problems with polls

Despite all the above, there are negativeparties have this offer. A person, let's say, fills in an "Expert Opinion" site with a survey. Reviews of numerous users indicate that, as a rule, many do not have time to complete the procedure, since the majority of participants complete the questionnaire ahead of schedule. A similar problem exists in all questionnaires.

Thus, very few people can complete the questionnairefill. Most often, after several answers, it breaks off. The system reports that the person being interviewed does not fit the criteria for selecting an audience for conducting a survey.

Also "Expert opinion" reviews are not the bestcontent gets for the number of questionnaires. It is emphasized that they are very few. Surveys are rarely received, and even there are no guarantees that they can be fully completed. Therefore, to think that the service is a guarantee of successful earnings is not worth it.

About amounts

What other features has "Expert opinion"(questionnaire)? Reviews about this service often contain opinions on earnings. It has already been said that if you do not use the referral system, then you can not expect big profits. And this fact is confirmed very often.

Despite this, the administration of the project"Expert opinion" promises high returns. You can not hope for it. On average, you can earn about 2,000 rubles per month on this service. But large amounts can not count.

expert opinion feedback from participants


Now it’s clear what kind of “Expert opinion” receives customer feedback. The conclusions can be drawn as follows:

  1. The site really works. It is intended for residents of Russia.
  2. You cannot earn much on the service. As a side job, this kind of labor is suitable.
  3. The questionnaire is small, polls are often interrupted in the middle or at the very beginning. The money from this is not fully received.
  4. Order withdrawal is recommended in advance.
  5. “Expert opinion” is not a scam. It is difficult to achieve high profits, but in the initial stages of working on the Internet you can collaborate with the project.