Rutube - analogue of "Youtube"

In this article we will talk about Russian free video hosting. This resource is a fairly good analogue of Youtube.

"Youtube" and the analogue of "Youtube"

To date, the most popular in the worldInternet is the foreign video hosting Youtube, which belongs to Google. Every day this site is visited by millions of users from all over the world who download thousands of copyrighted or third-party videos, as well as watch millions of already uploaded videos. Of course, given the multinationality of the site's audience, it was translated into many languages, including Russian. Nevertheless, "Youtube" is not the only video hosting company, but Russian companies have their own prototype.

analogue of YouTube

Analog "Yutuba"

In the vastness of RuNet there is a freeRussian site, which belongs to one large media company. This video hosting Rutube is called. This network resource allows its visitors to download, that is, store their own videos, as well as view videos uploaded by other users. It should be noted that Rutube is a direct analogue of "Youtube", because its functional and visual design is very similar to it. The owners of this service conclude various partnership arrangements for cooperation with some content distribution systems. Many of them have already earned their own recognizable name in the Russian market. Thus, Rutube takes the leading position in the Russian market for the distribution of video content.

general description

The analogue of "Youtube" considered by us hasmuch the same functions as the famous original. For example, users who have copyright to the videos they upload will be able to "monetize" them and thus earn money. This is due to the display within the video of various promotional materials from all sorts of partner projects that distribute their goods and services. However, this possibility is used by few channel owners, since the audience of this site is not large enough.

rutube video hosting

Considering in more detail the issue of earnings forThis site, you should pay attention to earnings from affiliate programs. If a user who has his own account is also the owner of his content, he can apply for the affiliate program. However, to approve an application, the account must meet a number of minimum requirements.

In addition to the affiliate program, you can conclude cooperation with an advertising exchange and receive income from someone else's ads posted on your site, that is, an account.

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In addition, it should be noted that the analogue of "Youtube"often crashes and is characterized by unstable operation of its servers. This factor has a very negative impact on the general impression of users who express their angry emotions in the reviews, and sometimes even completely leave this resource.

In general, this is a fairly good project, wherepeople can create and maintain their own video blogs and channels, create live broadcasts and engage in other media activities. "Rutub" for today is the best free video hosting in Russia.