How to buy on eBay?

How to buy on eBay - the largest in the worldInternet auction, which offers a simple and convenient form of buying goods at attractive prices. Here you can find both goods of mass demand, and rare things that can not be found in Russia. EBay does not participate in payment and delivery of goods. It is only an intermediary between the buyer and the seller and provides a platform for bidding, charging for it a certain fee from the sellers. For buyers, the playground is free of charge.

Despite the simplicity of the procedure, it is necessary to know the various subtleties of using the service. How to buy on eBay?

First you need to find the right product. For this purpose the search string is intended, in which any characteristics of the product should be entered.

Buying on eBay requires responsibility fromthe seller and the buyer. Therefore, with the goods you need to carefully read: to view photos, read the characteristics. If questions arise during the examination of the goods, they can be set to the seller through a special service. Also it is necessary to find out the time of the end of the auction, how much is the price of the given product, which of them is the highest.

In addition, it is necessary to inquire howthe seller is reliable. To do this, you need to read reviews about it from other buyers. This can be done directly on the page where the goods are posted. It is necessary to pay attention to what products he sold earlier. Well, if they all belong to the same category.

Before buying goods on eBay,it is recommended to send a request to the site, which provides services for payment of products and its delivery to Russia from foreign auctions. On this request, which does not impose any obligations on the potential buyer, will make the calculation of the cost of delivery, will help to choose the method of payment, will assess the reliability of the seller.

Before the end of the auction you need to have full information to decide exactly whether to participate in the auction. In case of refusal to pay the won lot, the buyer receives a negative feedback from the seller.

A buyer who takes part in an auction himself is offered two options for buying on eBay.

He can immediately purchase the goods at the fixed price offered by the seller. The right to purchase is granted to the first who has agreed to the price.

The second option of how to buy on eBay - withauction. The seller specifies the starting price, the start time of the trades and their duration. Everyone interested in the product at any time can make a bid on the lot. Current bids are always available for viewing. A participant whose bid will be the highest by the end of the auction will receive the right to purchase the goods.

After the transaction, it is customary to share your experience with other members of eBay and leave feedback on bidders.

The winning bidder is obliged to pay for the goods within four hours, otherwise the entrance to the site can be closed for him forever.

Why buying through eBay is considered the most profitable and convenient?

First, there are no language barriers at the auction. Bidding is conducted in different languages.

Secondly, all the inhabitants of the planet can participate in the bidding, regardless of the country. To participate in the auction you only need to have a computer connected to the Internet.

Thirdly, potential buyers can bet 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Lots are exhibited for a period of ten days, which makes it possible to get a good look at the goods.

On eBay daily exhibited a hugethe number of lots at fairly low prices, and many buyers take part in the auction. Here you can find very rare collectible items and antiques.

Insignificant costs for the placement of goods, a huge number of buyers, ease of use of services attracts a large number of sellers