How to find out who wrote in Instagram. A Practical Guide

"Instagram" is becoming more popular.Everyone is interested to view photos and share their. One of the features of this social network is the ability to subscribe to updates of other users whose photos have come to taste. But what if the subscribers began to disappear? Perhaps people are unsubscribing. In "Instagram" there is no possibility to view the list of users who have left the account, but you can calculate them in other ways.

In order to find out who has unsubscribed"Instagram", it is not necessary to do this with a mobile phone. You can open special services on your computer that let you see such information online.

The first simple method

One of these sites, which show how to find out who wrote in Instagram, is Unfollowers.

How to find out who wrote in the instagram

On this resource you need to click on the button "Go to the Instagram". If the system requires, you need to enter a login and password from the social network to authorize the account.

Additional Information

To fully work, the site will request dataEmail. You need to specify them in case you are interested in news and updates of the service. This operation can be carried out at will. How do you know who unsubscribed in Instagram? This information can be obtained immediately after registration. To view the list, select the item "New Unfollowers". And the resource will immediately show the list of users who unsubscribed.

Another available service

On the topic of how to find out who wrote in"Instagram", there is another service that provides this information. Its name is Unfollowgram. The site has a button "Sign in with Instagram". When you click on it, you can register in the system. To do this, you need the data from the account in "Instagram".

find out who unsubscribed in instagrama

Как и в предыдущем методе, чтобы пройти процесс authorization, it is necessary to enter login and password from "Instagram". The last step before the intended goal is to copy the email address into a special form.

After all the actions for authorizationare performed to answer the question of how to find out who wrote in Instagram, you must select the "Who unfollowed me" function. After that, the service will show the statistics of users who unsubscribed.

Method number three

How to find out who unsubscribed in Instagram througha computer? You can use the special application "Play Market", which you need to download. This is a quick and affordable way to easily answer the question. There are a lot of similar utilities. They are targeted at different platforms of mobile operating systems.

How to use it?

In the application, you must enter the appropriatesearch query, preferably in English. After the system will show a large number of results. It will take the highest of them in the list of issuing InstaFollow for Instagram.

how to find out who wrote in the instagram via a computer

This application has won a lot of sympathy. Many users rated it at the highest level, which indicates the effectiveness of the program.

  • To view the list of unsubscribed users, you must first install the program.
  • After that, you must wait a few minutes for the installation process to complete. The utility will be available both in the "Play Store" and in any phone.
  • Start the program with the "Open" button.

Further all is intuitively clear. The system will show the coveted list of users.

Here were listed only a few services from a large number of possible, which will help in this matter. You can use any that you like.

Of course, when many people are unsubscribed, this is an unpleasant moment. Avoid this situation can be through high-quality and effective photos, which are really interesting to users.