"VKontakte" functions. How to fix the record "VKontakte" and what is it?

Сложно найти человека, который не зарегистрирован at least in one social network. For our country the most popular are Odnoklassniki and VKontakte. And if the former is popular with the older generation, then the second is used mainly by schoolchildren and students, as well as young people. It is about this social network, and we'll talk further.

how to fix a vkontakte record

Every year on various sites,intended for communication, and in particular "VKontakte", there are more and more new features and functions. One such is the fixed entry "VKontakte". Let's talk about what it is and how to create such a record.

What is it and what does it "eat"

First, let's find out what exactly isfixed record, exactly how it looks and how it differs from an ordinary post. Then we'll talk about what it means to fix the "VKontakte" record, and how it can be done.

Как вы, наверное, знаете, раньше при размещении Post on the user's wall at the very top of the page the last added information was displayed. Everything that you have ever added to your wall is displayed in chronological order.

fix a vkontakte record

Now a new function has appeared:"Record a record." This means that if you like any post, then it can be fixed on your wall. It will be at the top of the page. In this case, the new posts that you will publish will be placed under it. The chronology of the records is slightly broken.

Next, we'll talk about how to fix the record "VKontakte." But first we'll figure out why this function is needed.

Recording value

You can ask why this function is needed. First of all, in order that you could share exactly with the information that you like most.

So, usually fasten on the wall are those posts thatcharacterize a person's state, his attitude to something at a given moment in time. Some fix the information, which tells about important events in the life of the user. That's why you should know how to fix the "VKontakte" record.

what does it mean to fix a vkontakte record
In any case, if you liked the recording, and youwant people to visit your page, see it in the first place, then you should fix this post on your wall. Next we will tell you how it can be done.

How to fix

Let's now go directly to the topicour article and understand all the same with how to fix the record "VKontakte." It is quite easy to do this. To do this, you should first place it on your wall.

We press on the post itself, opening it.Then we go down to the very bottom, where there are several function buttons with which you can delete and edit records. Look for the "Lock" button among them and click on it. Close and update the page to see the changes on your page. Now this post will be at the top of the page, with the notation "Record fixed" appears.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated - everything is done fairly quickly and simply. Here it is worth noting that on the wall you can fix only one post.

How to detach

So, we have already figured out how to fix the "VKontakte" record. Let's now consider the situation when you need to unfasten it or change it to another one. In this case, there are two options.

fixed record vkontakte

Option one.In order to unfasten it, you need to open the post selected by you again. Go down to the bottom and select the "Undock" button. We close and update the page. Now this record will be placed between you that record, which was added before it, and the one that was added after it. That is, all your posts on the wall will again be arranged in chronological order.

Второй вариант используем в том случае, если вам one must replace one fixed record with another. Add the desired post. Then we perform all the same actions that we do in order to fix the "VKontakte" record. When finished, we update the page. An old fixed record is automatically replaced with a new one.

Now you know what it means to fix the record.VKontakte, and exactly how this can be done. As you can see, there is nothing difficult in fixing or unfixing the entry in this social network. The main thing - to find exactly the post that you want to place in the most prominent place on your page.