How to delete all entries on the wall "VKontakte": several ways

how to delete all entries on the wall vkontakte

Surely a lot of people have their own pagesin order to find people "VKontakte": classmates, colleagues at work or just lost old friends. Anyway, this social network has won fame as an entertainment resource, and now in the "Friends" section there are often people who we have never seen. And with these strangers you need to share some news, your photos or just philosophical reflections on some incredibly important topic. Or your person is so popular that your page is simply filled up with all sorts of "greetings" and other signs of attention. And all this appears on the so-called wall. And sooner or later, whether for no reason, or for some important and justified reason, there is a desire to remove all these entries on the wall "VKontakte." But along with this desire there are also some questions. And one of them about how to delete all entries on the wall "VKontakte"? There are several ways to do this.

The first way is slow

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The first way how to delete all records onwall "VKontakte", is intended for very patient people. Or for those who do not have a lot of them. You just need to click on the crosses located in the upper right corner of the record, and manually remove the unwanted ones. When there are too many of them, you can delete 20-30 per day, if that suits you.

The second method is prudent

Before your wall is piled up with a heapuseless information, and you'll scour in search of how to delete all entries on the wall "VKontakte", you can act prudently and simply forbid your "Friends" and unfamiliar people to leave any entries on your page. To do this, just open the "My Settings" tab, which is in the menu on the left, and in the "General" section, tick the phrase "Disable commenting of entries". Everything, now only you can clog your wall.

Method three - not everyone understands

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If you want to learn how to delete all entries on thewall "VKontakte", but do not waste your time and energy, then this method, of course, you will do. But with the condition that you have at least a little knowledge of computer programs. So, you can clean your wall with special scripts (mini-programs that help automate some routine activities). It is often advised to use the Greasemonkey script. However, this program was developed specifically for Mazila, and works, as they say, "in one go." But if you decide to use it, then after installation go to, after which the cleaning process will start automatically. Do not forget to delete the script from the computer after this procedure, otherwise you will not have any more records on the wall at all.

There is one more script, a new one, under the name Opera Portable (designed for the "Opera").But in addition to it you need to download and another program called "Clicker". Install these two applications on the computer and in the script, perform the following actions: settings - additionally - content - configure JS - the folder of user documents (the folder into which the script is unpacked). After that, go to the wall page and open the "Clicker", where you will find the "Write a script" button. Then delete 20 messages on the wall yourself, then go to the next page (this is necessary for the program to "remember" the sequence of actions that it needs to perform). Set the retry interval of the script for 30 seconds so that each new page can load. In principle, you can not install "Clicker", but then you yourself have to "turn" the pages of your wall.