How to create an XML sitemap for "Yandex" and Google: step-by-step instruction

Sitemap is a full page web page.information about all the pages of the site that are needed for search engines. Someone will say that it is not needed, because all sections are already displayed. However, the need for such a page exists in the event that the site contains fifty pages and more. For search engines and users, it will serve as a guide to help you understand where this or that information is contained.

XML and HTML files

Since the site map is used not only for search robots, but also for users visiting the site, usually make up two maps: in XML and HTML formats.

To create a Sitemap for search robots,use xml file. Thanks to him, robots add new indexed pages to their search database. In the absence of a map on a multi-page site, a large number of pages may not be indexed for sometimes a very long time.

To create a sitemap for usersused html file. The importance of this card lies in the fact that it depends on its convenience whether the user will find the information of interest to him or not. Therefore, such a map is created for those Internet projects in which all sections and their subsections do not fit in the main menu.

How to create an XML Sitemap

Create Sitemap xml

There are three ways to solve this problem:

  • Buying a generator for a site map.

  • Create a sitemap using online services.

  • Manual writing a file.

For significant time savingsacquisition of generators. Therefore, if twenty to thirty dollars for buying a license is a small waste of money for a webmaster, then buying it, especially for a large Internet resource, still does not hurt, because then you will not need to create a website manually.

Create Sitemap

For a site containing several hundred pages, online services are recommended, where in order to create a Sitemap, you only need to specify the address of an Internet resource and download the result.

The surest option is to manually createcards. To do this, you need to know tags such as url, urlset, loc, lastmod, changefreg and priority. In this case, the first three tags are considered mandatory, and you can do without the last three.

Creating a Sitemap in Joomla

Create Joomla Sitemap

To create a Sitemap, Joomla andWordpress have special add-ons, like most well-known administration systems, which make a site map manually or automatically. For large Internet projects that have constantly updated materials, this addition is very convenient.

In Joomla it is called Xmap, in Wordpress it is Google XML Sitemaps.

Automatic site map creation

Create a sitemap automatically

Automatically create a Sitemap help free online servers, if the pages of the site there are no more than five hundred. Here is how easy it is to generate a sitemap:

  • Going to one of these online resources, you need to find the item "Generate Sitemap", click on the "Create" button and create a Sitemap automatically.

  • Find the "URL of the site" and enter there the address of the site for which the map is being created.

  • The system may require the introduction of a verification code. It must also be entered and click "Start".

  • Download the finished map to the site.

Manual way to create a card

This method is, on the one hand, the mostdifficult, time-consuming, but on the other hand, this is the surest way to apply when other options are not suitable. So, for example, if there are a lot of pages in which it’s not particularly necessary to enter a site map, but automatically, of course, they get there, the manual method will save the map from “overdosing” such pages. Another reason why this method is chosen is poor site navigation.

To implement the manual map creation you need:

  • Collect pages for inclusion in the map.

  • In the excel file insert all the addresses in the third column.

  • In the 1st and 2nd columns insert both url and loc.

  • In the 4th and 5th columns insert the closing url and loc.

  • Apply the "concatenate" function to connect the five columns.

  • In a text editor to make sitemap.xml.

  • Add tags and urlset and / urlset to this file.

  • Insert a connected column between them.

  • All save.

The resulting file must be checked. You can do this, for example, in “Yandex”, in the panel of the webmaster.

How to create a sitemap for Yandex and Google

How to create a Sitemap for Yandex

After creating the site it is added to the site.To this end, the file with the site map you need to call Sitemap.xml and add it to the root directory. In order for search robots to quickly find it, special tools are available in Google and Yandex. They are called “Tools for webmasters” (on Google) and “Yandex-Webmaster” (in Yandex).

Adding a Sitemap to Google

Google needs to go through the authorization procedure in Webmaster Tools. Next, select a site, go to the optimization / Sitemap files, click the "Download" button and confirm this operation.

Adding a Sitemap to Yandex

Also, in the "Yandex-Webmaster" you must first log in. Then go to the index / Sitemap files, specify the file path there and click the "Add" button.

Tips for creating a site map

Automatically create a sitemap

It is recommended to follow the following tips when creating a sitemap:

  • Search robots today will take only those files that contain no more than fifty thousand url.

  • If you exceed a ten megabyte card, it is better to split it into several files. Thanks to this server will not be overloaded.

  • To create an xml Sitemap correctly, with several files, you need to put them all in the index file, using the tags sitemapindex, sitemap, loc and lastmod.

  • All pages must be registered either with the prefix "www" or without using it.

  • The required file encoding is UTF8.

  • Also in the file you need to add an indication of the namespace of the language.

How to create a sitemap for users

Since such a map is created for users, it should be as simple and clear as possible. Despite this, it is necessary to qualitatively convey all the information about the structure of the site used.

HTML maps generally have a familiar user structure, consisting of sections and subsections, selected in a particular way, for example, CSS styles and graphic elements.

To create a sitemap for largeInternet project, as is the case with the XML card, is also recommended to break it. In this case, it is carried out in the form of separate tabs, relieving the map of its bulkiness.

The javascript language will allow to increase the functionality of the page, which is allowed to be used in this map, as it is created not for search engines, but for users.

Order for sitemap file

It is desirable that in the created file containingSitemaps have always been clean and tidy, especially if the site has a large number of pages. Since search engine robots view site maps very quickly, there may simply not be enough time to view the entire file of a large Internet resource.

Поэтому если привыкнуть добавлять страницы в site map is not at the bottom, but in the upper part, then, on the one hand, there is no doubt that the search robot will have time to view the addresses of new pages, and on the other hand, it will be much easier to control all pages.